Tom Brady: Scapegoat? Will He Forever Be Asterisked?

iPhone_2013 06 21_3122Here’s a little something I don’t get. Tom is suspended for four games I assume without pay. I read somewhere that means he will not get 2 million dollars in pay from the Patriots. The Patriots were fined one million dollars. That means the Patriots will end up being ahead one million dollars since they’ll pay the fine out of the money they save on Brady’s contract payment.

It must be kept in mind that all that has been proven is that in one game the balls were not at the psi level they were supposed to be at. All conceded it had no effect on the game since the Patriot’s won in a runaway. Yet the four game suspension and two million dollar loss of money suggests the NFL believes that this was a pattern that Brady was following; in other words that he was cheating in other games, otherwise the penalty for him makes no sense. The NFL used language such as “an ongoing plan;” and “the evidence suggest that January 18th was not the first and only occasion when this occurred [evidence] . . . goes back to before the beginning of the 2014 season.”

The NFL did not stop there. It gave as reasons for the punishment the team’s prior cheating; the failure of the team to cooperate fully with the investigation; and finally, it all but accused Brady of lying “it is significant that key witnesses — Mr. Brady, Mr. Jastremski, and Mr. McNally — were not fully candid during the investigation.’ 

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Aaron Hernandez’ New Indictment: Suffolk DA Running Scared?

AAron smilingOn February 13, 2013, according to the Suffolk DA Dan Conley, Alexander Brady was left “to die on the side of the road in Riviera Beach,” Florida after being shot by Aaron Hernandez. The reason behind the shooting, according to the DA, is that on July 16, 2012, on Shawmut Avenue Brady was a “percipient witness to the homicides of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado” for which Aaron Hernandez stands indicted and Aaron wanted to make sure there was one less witness.

What is strange about all this is that Hernandez has not been charged with a crime in Florida for shooting Brady? How is it he can shoot a guy in Florida, leave him for dead, and not be charged? That’s one question that has me trying to figure the answer to; but there is another one.

How is it that a DA in Massachusetts can charge for a crime committed in Florida? The answer to that last one is simple to answer. He can’t.

The DA says he can do it because the state law that makes it illegal to injure a witness with the intent to impede a criminal investigation. That’s true but there are also other matters that must be considered when charging a defendant. Why do you think there is no Massachusetts law that reads: “anyone who murders a Massachusetts resident anywhere in the world can be indicted and tried in Massachusetts.”  It’s because the jurisdiction for crimes is limited to those which are committed within the state; which is the same for all the other states.

Which makes me wonder what is behind the DA doing something that should not stand up in court. (I say should because judges make the laws and they can make them apply anyway they want.)

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Possible Reasons for Fitzpatrick’s Indictment,

IMG_2796To indict Fitzpatrick when the subject of the indictment is a perjury and the perjury is about irrelevant and immaterial matters is so far out of the norm that there has to be another reason than bringing Fitzpatrick to account. Last time I wrote I said I would try to explore and look for the real reason ex-FBI agent Fitzpatrick was indicted.

When I first read the Fitzpatrick indictment the words of a song I heard a while ago came to mind: “now age has taken her beauty, and sin has left its sad scar, so remember your mothers and sisters boys, and let her sit under the bar.” It seems farfetched that song would trickle through my mind but it did. The reason was the subject of the indictment reminded me of some of the old drunks I used to know who were once good athletes. I’’d go into a bar to have a beer and they would come up to me and before I knew it they were again spurting out stories of their past heroic exploits on the gridiron. They lived in the glorious past; they could not adjust to the present and wanted to relive the past over and over again.

I also thought of some of the words in the poem by A.E. Houseman:

Smart lad, to slip betimes away From fields where glory does not stay, And early though the laurel grows It withers quicker than the rose.

 Eyes the shady night has shut Cannot see the record cut, And silence sounds no worse than cheers After earth has stopped the ears.

 Now you will not swell the rout Of lads that wore their honours out, Runners whom renown outran And the name died before the man.

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Tommy Cheat:

Unknown ManIt really is all about winning at all costs and that is why no matter what it takes to win he will do it. He is just a guy who hates to lose; well, it is really beyond that. Some people hate to lose but get over it after a bit; this guy doesn’t. He broods on a loss as much as he would on the loss of a loved one.

His antipathy toward losing is one factor that makes him into a winner. Three other things go into the winning equation: (1) he is exquisitely talented as if he was made by some designer to do the job that he does having grown to the requisite height towering over most mortals and having gained the appropriate strength to complete his mission; (2) next, he is in one of the rare positions where what he does can influence the outcome of a contest unlike most other in high pressure positions; and (3) finally, he works in conjunction with a man who is uniquely situated to make all the parts of the unit that he works with work like a smoothly operating and well-oiled machine giving him the opportunity to use (1) and (2) to achieve the win.

Outside of the arena where he operates he has a fervid faithful frenzied following favoring his every movement. He has involved himself with a renowned beauty with whom he has offspring in addition to offspring from another beauty with whom he was previously involved. He lives in a manner that mirrors the life style of the Russian tsars or other Eastern royalty. Both dashing and daring his every movement is covered and reported to the immense satisfaction of those who idolize him spending far more time concerned about his actions usually performed on the Lord’s Day than thoughts of the Lord Himself.

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What’s Behind the Fitzpatrick Indictment?

FitzpatrikAn indictment is used for the purpose of spelling out a crime committed by a person. It is supposed to be based on facts alleged to have been committed by a defendant. Fitzpatrick’s indictment is here.

Prosecutor Wyshak spelled out the background of Fitzpatrick and others in the first dozen or so paragraphs. Paragraph 7 is where he takes a shot at South Boston calling it an organized crime group which is strange because during Whitey’s trial he had a chart showing it was the Winter Hill Gang with no reference to South Boston. In fact, no one called that gang South Boston. But that’s just a little hang-up Wyshak has thinking things evil live in Southie along with the Irish little people.

In the indictment he goes on to tell how Fitzpatrick appeared on 60 Minutes  and wrote a book but does not relate this information to any of the crimes charged which are six counts of perjury (Fred: Fitzpatrick was not under oath on 60 Minutes or when he wrote his book.)

Later in the early  paragraphs of the indictment Wyshak does something quite unheard of: he included in the indictment statements made by Whitey’s defense counsel during his opening statement in the Whitey trial. Those statements are not evidence as Wyshak knows. I figure he used them as a hook to reel Fitzpatrick’s statements into the boat of materiality. His argument being: “the counsel for Whitey said he was not an informant and Fitzpatrick supported that statement therefore that makes it material.

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The Patriots Super Bowl Champions Are Cheaters: So What!

Ginger RogersThe Patriots won the Super Bowl. On the way there they cheated in one game. That’s not to say that they had to cheat to get to the Super Bowl and win it; it’s just a simple fact that during a game before that game they cheated.

The Patriots remind me of a couple of guys I knew. They could do something straight out or do it crooked; it was simpler to do it straight out but doing it crooked even though more complicated gave them some type of pleasure. The Patriots must get that type of feeling when they cheat: not only did they win the game which they would have won in any event they were able to pull the wool over the other team’s eyes. That must have added to the joy of winning just like a lot of guys add to the joy by having won the bet on their team.

But when you come down to it if the cheating doesn’t make a difference, and I think everyone will agree that the Patriots would have gotten to the Super Bowl without cheating which game they won on the fair-and-square, why do we even care about this? Or to put it another way, is it cheating if the cheating has no effect on the outcome of the test or contest?

The idea of professional sports as I understand it is to win the game. It is not to win the game without cheating but to win the game in any way that you can. That is because there is no “honor code” to which the players subscribe like the cadets at the military academies. To be more basic, if a defensive back goes up in the air and grabs a ball but in going to the ground drops it but is able to cover up that and then picks it up again he is not required to tell the refs he didn’t intercept the ball. He can get up and act like he did. If no one saw the ball hit the ground then he will get away with cheating.

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Understanding Robert Fitzpatrick: The Billy Bulger Story

(1) walking awayFrom my perspective the indictment of Robert Fitzpatrick is a delicious moment in its intrigue and its wrongness. My immediate post after learning of the indictment told of the federal horror in indicting this 75-year-old man for perjury on matters almost two years old and which had little to no effect on the trial. This is so far out of the course for an experienced prosecutor, even a vengeful one, that something else must be happening to bring it about.

I sent an email to Fitzpatrick  –  “Bob:  I was sorry to see that you have become a victim of Wyshak.  I’ve read the indictment and must say that I find it unconscionable that you have been charged with perjury and more so obstruction of justice. As i (sic) understand the law for perjury you must testify to a matter material to the trial and something that you do not believe. None of the matters you testified to are (sic) material to the charges against Whitey (whether he was an informant or not was not material except in Wyshak’s brain) and most importantly you believe them to be true or you would not have testified that way.  I’ll do some posts showing that I believe you have been wrongfully charged. I hope someone above Wyshak comes to his or her senses and sees these are frivolous, vindictive and accusations without merit. If I can help you out in any way let me know. I wish you the best and I hope that this doesn’t get you down too much. You’ve been a fighter all your life so don’t throw in the towel yet.”

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Federal Horror Show Starring Fred Wyshak


PutinRobert Fitzpatrick the ex-FBI agent who worked in Boston as the assistant agent in charge was wrongfully indicted on April 28,2015 by a Boston federal grand jury in an indictment signed by Fred Wyshak . If ever an action showed meanness, pettiness, and abuse of prosecutorial power for one’s personal ends this is it. Coincidentally it became public yesterday on the same day I wrote about the injudicious use of power by Boston U.S. attorney Carmen Ortez providing a further example of an office that is out of control.

The indictment was returned on April 28,2015. Fitzpatrick did not have the courtesy of being treated with dignity for he was unnecessarily arrested and brought before the court in handcuffs. He had served 21 years as an FBI agent. Treating him like that is a small indication of the malice Wyshak can demonstrate to people he does not like something akin to what Vladimir Putin does. This has nothing to do with justice or performing the work of a prosecutor, it is a naked brutal act of unrestrained power to hurt a good man who has done nothing wrong except testify to what he believed to be the truth.

Fitzpatrick is charged with perjury and for each charge of perjury he is also accused of obstruction of justice. This again is one of the novel tricks by Wyshak by stretching one criminal act into a different one for the purpose of increasing the sentence; he usually does this by invoking the racketeering statute but unable to find others in league with Fitzpatrick he was only able to turn the perjury into an obstruction of justice.

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Carmen Ortiz’s Big Error: Cooperating with the Boston Globe

P1010005I have to wonder sometimes who is running the show in the Boston’s US Attorney’s office. At times the the Globe disclosing one of its bête noires and the subsequent acts by the U. S. attorney’s office is so striking that all but the most naïve should be aware the newspaper controls Boston’s U.S. attorney.  The Globe so much relies on the public gullibility that it has no qualms about being quite open with it. Carmen Ortiz, the present US. Attorney in Boston, was appointed to her office in late 2009.  In late 2011 without a hint of embarrassment the Globe named her Bostonian of the Year. She swooned with delight..

That was the time when Ortiz was in the ascendancy. Many, including herself, thought she’d be running for higher office: Governor Ortiz, Senator Ortiz. The Globe in December 12, 2012 reported that Governor Patrick pushed her candidacy in a meeting with the Speaker and Senate president in Massachusetts.

Reality happened to catch up with her. The fallout from the suicide of Aaron Swartz in January 2013 because of her relentless pursuit of the young genius who balked at pleading guilty so she went back and indicted him for more offenses;  the death of Delours Price two weeks later from a combination of drugs and alcohol due to Ortiz’s push to have Boston College release the Irish archives; and also in January the abusive attempt to steal the Caswell motel from its owner was put to a stop.

Ortiz had no problem trying to deprive a guy of his family business. Caswell finally prevailed against Ortiz overcoming her damnable attempt. Caswell sold his property which he literally worked at for 24/7 for thirty years for 2.1 million last fall. Ortiz wanted to take that from him.

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A Modest Proposal: Airline Safety

IMG_1922This isn’t about selling babies to rich gentlemen so that they can enjoy eating them since that has previously been proposed. It has to do with the periodic problem of airplane crashes.

Again we have the tragedy of an airline crash that seems to have caused much confusion and many deaths. In its aftermath we learn they are looking for the fight recorders called the black boxes that are on every commercial plane. Here one was found but it was damaged; as best I can tell the other is still being searched for.

When the Russian shot down Malaysian Air Flight 17 over Ukraine the Russian sponsored rebels took control of the black boxes. For a while it was touch and go whether they would return them for analysis.

A few months before that in March last year Malaysian Air Flight 370 disappeared. It is believed to have crashed some place in the South Pacific hundreds of miles off the coast of Australia  Then we have the planes that slammed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The similarity between those crashes and Flight 370 is that the black boxes were never recovered.

One of these black boxes records everything that is said or heard in the cockpit of the airplane; the other records all the data relating to the mechanical operations of the plane and of the flight such as the course and altitude. When a plane crashes to learn what may have been the cause of the tragedy resort is had to these boxes. They often will be critical in deciding what happened.

When the German airliner went down in France earlier this week subsequent news reports told us “Reports from Flightradar24, which tracks air traffic around the world, said the Airbus climbed to 38,000ft . . . .”   I found that quite interesting because it shows my proposal is really doable.

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