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Matt Connolly's Views on Boston, the Nation and the World - Emphasizing Criminal Justice and Politics

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The Charles River Was Cleansed: But A Foul Odor Remains In Boston

pearl harborLearning about the greatest maritime disaster in U.S. History prior to Pearl Harbor brought to mind Whitey Bulger’s brother, Billy, and John O’Brien, the probation commissioner presently on trial. The disaster was the explosion and sinking of the steamship Sultana on April 27, 1865, on the Mississippi River where over 1,800 Union Army soldiers who had been captured during the Civil War died on their way home from prison camps. You probably never heard of it.

One survivor wrote: The men who had endured the torments of a hell on Earth, starved, famished from thirst, eaten with vermin, having endured all the indignities, insults and abuses possible for an armed bully to bestow upon them, to be so soon forgotten does not speak well for our government or the American people.” Like the attack on the USS Liberty it was something better hidden than remembered.

The John O’Brien Case: A Case of Fraud

swan lakeI have to admit it takes me a long time to figure some things out. I have had a hard time understanding why O’Brien is being tried in federal court. He is charged with racketeering, the statute that usually relates to gangster activities. I thought what he did was to engage in political patronage. The other day when I went back to the prosecutor’s opening statement I began to understand that this was a case of fraud.

Here’s the absolute worst case scenario against O’Brien. He ran a system known only to himself and two others in which he disguised that only people with political or judicial connections were hired into various positions and promotions were given based on those connections. He did this for the purpose of increasing his budget so that he would have more power and could hire more people.

When A Lovely Flame Dies Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

1978_Virginia_Slims_adI’ve been intrigued by the lack of input by women on some issues I’d have thought would pique their interest. I think I’ve figured out why this has happened. I recognize that since I was around during the great revolution I expected more of women; I expected to see some sparks from them. I remember the days when the attitude toward anything though inimicable to a woman was “this too shall not stand.” Those were the times when a man who dared refer to a female as a girl was putting his life in great peril.

Two matters of recent interest had me thinking that women would be interested in them. One is the story about Patricia Campatelli who is clearly being deprived of her job because she is cut from a different jib than other women; the other is the story of young college women who are shut out of the criminal justice system by the unwillingness of the state to mandate that their complaints to college officials about being sexually assaulted be passed on to law enforcement authorities.

The Boston Globe’s Plan For Mayor Marty Walsh. Part 3: The Attack and The Hope

IMG_4482It is important to keep in mind the adage: “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” I say this because the Globe’s attacks against Marty Walsh are most telling on the most hypocritical grounds of all, his lack of diversity representation in his hiring practices.

I say that because if you are a major newspaper in a city and you are going to go after its mayor about the number of his staff who are minorities it would be wise to look at your own plant first. See the Globe starting to criticize Walsh’s hiring practices I wanted to get a feel for the diversity in its hiring. Since it is a private company there is no way I can file a freedom of information request to learn this.

A Man With A Big Problem: The Globe’s Shaughnessy

(2) soccer ballIt’s not enough that Dan Shaughnessy and Ann Coulter think alike and share notes, it’s the deep hatred he seems to have in his heart for IT that stands out in his recent writings. He seems to be haunted by IT to the point of shrillness. I’ve wondered why he’s so bothered and irritated that some millions of us are really enjoying IT. He made need some time off because IT appears to have driven him to the cusp of some type of breakdown. The guys in my time with his type problem used to be able to go to Chit Chat Farm to get straightened out; I wonder if it is still open or whether there are other places for people to go who go bonkers because a lot of people enjoy something they don’t. IT is the World Cup. Yesterday I anxiously waited for the U.S. game against Belgium. Since I’m laid up with a back problem I also had a chance to watch the earlier game where Swiss played Argentina. Both games provided all the tension and excitement one could want in a sporting event. Argentina scored its winning goal after 118 minutes, two minutes before the shoot out; Belgium went up two goals in the extra time and then with six minutes left the U.S. came roaring back with one and closely missed the tie. The U.S. goal tender Tim Howard set a World Cup records for saves. I never played soccer. The games I have watched on television aside from  World Cup games I can count on one hand. I attended an Ireland/Italy World Cup game in New Jersey and a Revolutions game in Foxboro. So I’m no big fan. It’s beauty for me lies in the continual nonstop play (unlike watching an NFL game which involves watching more commercials than action); the skillfulness of the foot work; the pin point passing and its huge unpredictability. Here’s Shaughnessy’s take. On June 22 he told us:  I choose to ignore the World Cup on television. Please don’t hate me.” In today’s column he writes: “The US came darn close to tying Belgium in extra time and it would have been thrilling to watch the final seconds tick away if I actually had known how much time was remaining.” For a guy who was going to ignore it, it seems he like tens of millions of other Americans did watch it. And I’d suggest if he paid attention rather than looking with loathing eyes he could easily have know how much time was left. Here are some of his other gems: “ . . . the overrated sport of soccer” “Last month , the Americans won their first game of this wildly overhyped tournament. “ “ . . . according to Soccer Sycophants we are supposed to celebrate this team like Charles Lindberg . .  “ “ Because it is soccer . . . the Beautiful Game . . . the nil nil game . . . “ Thank God we now can ignore the World Cup and get on with our lives. , , , At least we won’t have to listen to the pretentious, soccer-boosting, apologetic coverage from ESPN. When it comes to the World Cup, the Worldwide Leader is downright NESN-esque.” “The World Cup will go on without us. But we will not care. And we won’t have to listen to any more elitist soccer proselytizing.” “My anecdotal data indicates that there is no group with more conviction and less sense of humor than soccer fans. They are angry and firm in their insistence that theirs is the best game. Anyone who disputes this is dismissed as a xenophobic idiot.” Speaking of xenophobic idiot . . .

The Hijacking Of Patricia Campatelli’s Job and Stealing of Her Rights

(3) three arrested old howard ladiesHere’s why the globbering of Register of Probate Patricia Campatelli is so outrageous:

(1)  There is no allegation that her office operation was not running properly and effectively or that is she did not do the job she was elected to do.

(2) There is no allegation that she committed any criminal act.

(3) She has been stripped of her rights under the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, Article XII.

Here’s what the Boston Globe on March 17, 2014, said that she had done when it editorialized telling her to resign or that the “court system should proceed with the process of removing her.” 

(1) She is a foul-mouthed, intimidating boss who “created a fearful atmosphere” in the office, likely violated the court’s sexual harassment policy, and punished those who fell out of her favor.

(2) She worked “short days [which] were punctuated by several smoking breaks that sometimes lasted for half an hour.”

The Boston Globe’s Plan For Mayor Marty Walsh. Part 2: A Conversation

IMG_2327In part one I noted how the Globe set about to tear down Quinn’s reputation. It turned the governor’s race into a contest between Mr. Clean Dukakis and Mr. Go-Easy-on- Corruption Quinn. Quinn lost.

The state lost a man who would have been a great governor. The country gained a guy who thought he could portray an image of a warrior because he drove around in a tank wearing a helmet. Had Dukakis grown up in where I had he would have known not to have done that stunt. But coming from Brookline he saw a different world. He saw the world the Globe wants to see; one far removed from what most people know.

I always thought the greatest difference between Quinn and Dukakis was the disposition of the men: Quinn was always smiling while Dukakis always glowered. That was also one of the great separators between Billy Bulger and Alan Dershowitz, the smile. Perhaps it wasn’t that the Globe didn’t like the Irish from the inner city but it just didn’t like people who found enjoyment in life.

The Globbering Of Patricia Campatelli: Part Two, The Racketeering Indictment

(3) campatelliIn part one published yesterday I explained how Patricia Campatelli was globbered. I mentioned in passing John J. O’Brien who is presently on trial in federal court in Boston. He too was globbered. He lost his job, was indicted by the attorney general and the federal prosecutors. He has already been acquitted by a jury of the attorney general’s charge. Now he’s hoping for the best in the federal trial.

To appreciate the globbering she has taken and to understand the danger she is in, you only have to read the first line of a March 10, 2014, article in the Globe which reads: “Patricia Campatelli often worked only 15 hours a week at her $122,500-a-year job as Suffolk County register of probate, and she spent much of that time taking “numerous smoking breaks, scratching lottery tickets, looking at East Boston real estate on the Internet, and filling out puzzles,” according to employees quoted in a confidential report obtained by the Globe.”

Keeping Up Your Vocabulary: Globeyman

DSC_0696Etymology: Globeyman is derived from the word bogeyman.The etymology of bogeyman although uncertain perhaps comes from theMiddle English word bugge which means frightening spectre. There are, however, words such as the German variation bogge, the Welsh word bwg, the Scottish/Gaelic word bocon and other such variations as boggart, boggy, and bubbear all of which refer to some sort of goblin or other horrifying monsters”.

Because of the frequent use by the Boston Globe of setting up these bogeymen to frighten its readership, when done by a newspaper the word is changed to globeyman.


Being derived from bogeyman we first turn to that definition which is that “it is an imaginary monster that is used to frighten children; or a person who is hated or feared by a group of people.”

The Great American Phobia: Americans Liking Soccer

(2) soccer ball

Ah, yes, it’s that time. At four tomorrow afternoon the Americans get up to bat against Belgium in the knockout stage of the World Cup. Many millions of us will be watching this either at home, at work or in a gin mill, the latter being the place to be. But not all people are happy that some estimated 25 million, perhaps more, tuned in to watch a soccer match between the United States and Portugal. They seem in a panic that so many of us like that sport.

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter writing about the number of people who watched put the word “Americans” in quotes indicating that these weren’t real Americans. Coulter, ever prepared to make outrageous statements to attract attention, wrote of them that none had a great-grandfather who was born in the US.

She may be right. I watched it. My great-grandfather was born in Ireland. I fail to see how that disqualifies me as an American.