Blog Programming Note: Upcoming Guest Post: Letter to Hollywood By Retired FBI Agents

(`) Joe BltzThis Sunday I will post a copy of a comment sent here that consist of a letter sent by former FBI agents to Hollywood regarding the movie Black Mass. It contains many things I agree with and some I have a different view about but I believe it fits in with the blog and sets forth ideas that are well worth considering.

It is too lengthy for a normal blog but if you are the type that enjoys having a cup of coffee on Sunday morning and reading the paper perhaps you can take time to read this. If you plan to watch the Patriot’s game you can mute the TV during commercials and read the compelling presentation that shows Special Agent John Connolly should not be in prison.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


Black Massacre: – The Federal Pilloring of Catherine Greig

(1) CollossusBob wrote to me the other day a well thought out comment that brings up some issues for our consideration. I enjoy comments like his because it lets me pause and think through an issue in a more thorough manner.

He suggests Boston U. S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz had to go after Catherine Greig because some might wonder why she did not investigate how it was that Bulger could be on the lam for so long. He noted some suspect the FBI may have had a hand in that and she would have evidence of it either having seen some contacts or Whitey may have told her about them.

The suggestion Ortiz would be interested in learning from Greig if there was any FBI involvement in Whitey’s ability to stay free for 16 years is not something I thought about. I’d say to it that the actions of the Boston U.S. attorney’s office in the matter would make that an unlikely happening. After FBI Agent John Connolly was convicted we were told by the then Boston U.S. Attorney and the prosecutor of Connolly, John Durham, that more investigations would be done and his conviction was not the end of the matter. We would come to find out that they actually put the matter to bed at that time and nothing else was done. It was sufficient for the DOJ and FBI to use the “rouge agent” defense and pin the whole mess on John Connolly and walk away from the affair.

Black Massacre – Rewarding Murderers – The Boston U.S. Attorney’s Warped Idea of Justice

hare_2074103iThe saga of Whitey Bulger and friends raises its ugly head with the opening of the movie based on the book Black Mass. As with the time of his trial, authors come out with new books hoping to garner publicity for them; and, surprisingly, the federal authorities come out with a new indictment also seeking to push the wave of belief in Whitey Bulger’s unique evil.

The indictment is of Catherine Greig. She has refused to cooperate with Boston’s U.S Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s endless pursuit of things relating to Whitey. Greig’s indictment for criminal contempt is unusual in that the federal government is not looking to find out about any criminal activities which is the usual function of the grand jury. I say this because any information she might have about who may have assisted Whitey during his flight is barred by the statute of limitations. All that is left for the grand jury to do is to see if Greig can disclose the location of any assets that Whitey may have hidden; or, to disclose in secret the names of people who may have helped Whitey during his flight which has no purpose other than a sinister one where, as we’ve seen in the past, the names will be leaked to the media and those accused will be condemned without any right to defend themselves.

The Trashing of Any Concept of Justice: Boston U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz v. Catherine Greig

(1) OxCatherine Greig was Whitey Bulger’s girlfriend. She went off with him on his flight. There is no allegation that she was involved with any of his murders. There is no allegation that she knew of any of his murders. Even had she heard that he was accused by Weeks or Flemmi of murdering people, there is no showing that she believe what they said. She was plain and simply a woman who went off with and lived with Whitey for 16 year while he was on the lam. She may be the only woman in the United States who was ever prosecuted for living with a criminal.

Whitey Bulger’s henchman Kevin Weeks assisted Whitey in five murders. He probably did more than assist but the government had no problem minimizing his involvement since it wanted to make Whitey the heavy.  He pleaded guilty to five murder charges. He was sentenced to do six years in prison.

Catherine Grieg who had no criminal record of any kind, unless falling in love with a criminal is in the federal world some sort of crime, was sentenced to eight years in prison, two more than Weeks the murderer, because she lived with Whitey while he was on the lam.

Black Mass Week: Black Mass and the Mafia’s Revenge

(`) Black MassThe Mafia in Boston was hurt in particular by three men from the federal government between 1960 and 1990. In 1960 the Mafia  was a very powerful group in Boston; by the end of the 1980s it was a group of stumblebums unable to keep out of prison.

When the 1960s came we had the Boston gang murders (wrongly called the Irish gang wars) where between 60 and 80 gangsters were murdered. During this time the Boston Mafia, under the control of Gerry Angiulo, kept to the sidelines content to have others take down a few people for it but for the most part let other gangsters eliminate themselves. Part of the group doing the killing were the Roxbury Group of Italians which would kill off its Irish members and keep in contact with Angiulo’s group. Angiulo was an under-boss. The big boss, the king, as the Mafia would refer to him, was Raymond L.S. Patriarca who operated out of an office in Federal Hill, Providence, R.I. Raymond’s right hand man was Henry Tameleo. Angiulo’s enforcer was Larry Baione and outside of his brothers he used Peter Limone as his right hand man.

Black Mass: How The Question of Top Echelon Informant Permeates the Book

(`) Black MassI consider one of Black Mass’s greatest failures is that it did not address the ramifications of the FBI’ Top Echelon Informant program.  This program established at the highest levels of the FBI and approved by J.Edgar Hoover was in operation in all 56 of the FBI offices throughout the country. It was a secret program as well it should have been. In effect it made the FBI partners with some of the top criminals in the country.

It was a bargain with criminals. All bargains have two sides like contracts. One person is going to do something in exchange for another person doing something. Something for something. We know that the top criminals were supposed to give the FBI information; what is hidden is what the FBI  was supposed to do for the top criminals.

“Keep them safe,” according to Rossetti’s handler; “protect them” according to Whitey Bulger’s handler. What exactly does that mean?

Black Mass Movie Reviews: Hinting At The Real Story

hare_2074103iThe Boston Globe’s Ben Hur Ty Burr gives us the view from inside the factory:  It’s a solid if not stellar crime drama, well put together, very well acted, and lacking only a genuine reason to exist. . . .  And “Black Mass” is heavily invested in presenting Whitey as Satan from Southie, a figure of almost biblical evil. Without that heft — without the legend — there’d be no movie. Would anyone be interested in a small-time sociopath? “ (my emphasis)

He won’t be too well liked at the home base with his suggestion Whitey is “a small-time sociopath.” For years we’ve been told that he is a “Satan from Southie” which is appropriate because so many in the media consider Southie as some form of Hell. The other day former Globe reporter DicK Lehr called him at the Coolidge Square Cinema opening “the most evil man in the planet.”  I’d guess that gives us a good insight into Lehr’s limited mind-view of the world and the book he authored.

Black Mass: Greatest Failure – Failing To Face The Question of Top Echelon Informant

(`) Black MassThe way Black Mass is written it seems the authors had an agreement with the FBI to pretend that its Top Echelon Informant program did not operate as it does; or else they were oblivious that what the FBI puts on paper for show is not how the FBI operates.

Back in the early 1960s the FBI was under pressure to go after the Mafia. This was something that it had never considered a priority. Its god-like leader J. Edgar Hoover who controlled everything it did had focused his thoughts on the Reds and other people he believed were a threat to America and he never thought the Mafia reached that level. He assumed it was a local problem the locals could handle; his concern was national threats. When in November 1957 the New York State Police broke up a meeting of over 100 Italian criminals at Apalachin, New York.