The Policy of Pussilanimity: Beckoning A Disaster in Ukraine and Elsewhere

(2) nuclear weapon

I was reading an article the other day. Here’s what it stated: “During those months, Putin engaged in a kind of gangster diplomacy in which he bluffed, bullied, threatened, and lied to various European leaders in order to expand the borders of his country.”  

The article later said: “all of the heads of state and various diplomats arriving there would be at a terrible disadvantage. They were dealing with a man always willing to go the limit, willing to send in the troops and shed blood in order to get what he wanted. Putin  knew that civilized men such as Poroshenko and those who followed, would readily compromise to prevent the loss of life. They would all learn too late that Putin did not value life and that war was his ultimate goal” 

As you know Putin again sat down with the leaders of Germany, France and Ukraine and played his game by engaging in a cease-fire talk. It was reported in one paper: “in many European capitals there is little remaining trust in President Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader has convinced them that he is a man of action – and an unpredictable one at that – and not one of his word.” 

If you are paying attention you know that after 14 hours of negotiations with Putin the leaders of Germany and France came away with, as French President Francois Hollande said was “a glimmer of hope, no more and no less.” The leader of the Russian sponsored rebels who have invaded Ukraine with Russia’s help came away saying: “This is a great victory.”

I want to correct something.  The first two paragraphs above I changed the names that were used in the original article. I put Putin’s name in for Hitler’s and substituted Poroshenko for Schuschnigg (the chancellor of Austria). Did you notice? What is happening now is so eerily similar to the late 1930s I could not resist making the substitutions.

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FBI Agent John Connolly: Freedom Nears

justice weepsHere’s a description of what the 10 Miami-Dade Appeals judges “struggled with.”  I’d suggest it is not something a sixth grade student would have struggled with.

In what the newspaper said – well let me let it speak for itself: “But in November, in a legal rarity, the court decided that all 10 judges should be allowed to weigh in on Connolly’s conviction. Connolly has remained imprisoned.”  (my emphasis)

It sure is a legal rarity because it is almost never done that the ten judges sit after three other judges considered an issue when two out of three ruled in favor of the one party. It is also a rarity, or at least it should be, that a guy who has been deemed wrongfully committed is kept in prison.

The issue here is so simple that you can see the hands of the Department of Justice (DOJ), (“Department of Injustice?), all over the case. Connolly never should have been tried in Florida on these charges in the first place. But don’t think I say that because I’m some kind of cheerleader for Connolly. I’m not. When he was convicted in Boston in 2002  I believed he had a fair trial. I thought his sentence was somewhat excessive because it was based in part on things the jury found he had not done. (Only in the First Circuit are the charges even if not proven added into a sentence.)

Later, I changed my mind. He should have been given a new trial. In a disingenuous opinion the First Circuit Court of Appeals refused to grant him one event though a critical witness against him committed perjury during the trial. I’ve written about all this before.

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Alan Dershowitz: The Extortion Racket

(1) big pigI’ll write more about the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein as I go along; let’s say the allegations indicate that he was involved in white slave trafficking which is another way of saying he was moving young girls from state to state for the purpose of prostitution. As we know one of the young girls has accused Epstein’s close friend Professor Dershowitz with being involved with her in Epstein’s crimes.

I’ve noted in the past some have called Dershowitz Professor Torture because of his advocacy of torture that seemed quite unusual considering America’s long time abhorrence of such activity. Of course Dershowitz wants to use it on people he doesn’t like.

I’d suggest another name that he could be called is Professor Extortion. It seems everywhere he goes he finds extortion happening. If it he doesn’t like people like Billy Bulger he accuses them of extortion; if he likes people he is suggesting they are being extorted. It’s a pretty cute trick: you besmirch the reputation of people you don’t like by calling them extortionists and you vilify those who say things about those you like by saying they are trying to extort your friend.

That in fact seems to be Dershowitz’s defense to the allegations of Virginia Roberts one of the girls his good friend Epstein was pimping about. She says he had sex with her when she was under the legal age of consent.  She said Dershowitz who was a 60-something old man had sex with her when she was 16-years-old. It is reported as I noted before Dershowitz “says that the sex claims are a “completely, totally fabricated, made-up story” and that he is an “innocent victim of an extortion conspiracy.

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Alan Dershowitz: Who is Worse? Whitey Bulger or Jeffrey Epstein

(1) big pigAlan for many years condemned Billy Bulger for the sins of his brother Whitey.  Billy didn’t choose Whitey to be his brother; when he came into the world Whitey was already there waiting for him. With Alan Dershowitz though, he did choose to have Jeffrey Epstein as a close friend, so close in fact that he said he is one of the few outside of his family he has sent proofs of his books to read prior to their publication. So the way I look at it the guy who voluntarily befriends criminals is much worse than someone who happens to be related to one.

The crimes committed by Whitey involve murders, drug dealing, gaming, gun offenses and extortion. He  was accused of murdering two women but probably wasn’t the real killer since that would be Flemmi who wanted to get rid of them. All his other victims were men. Most, but not all, were criminals themselves. Nothing to be proud of; nothing to minimize.

The crimes and allegations against Epstein are that he dragged into prostitution over forty young girls. It’s alleged he had three twelve-year-old girls flown in for a party from France as well as other real young girls from Europe to satisfy his and his friends evil leanings. That to me is another kind of murder; he murdered their futures. He caused these children to lose their innocence and destroyed their lives if these allegations are true. They will go through life forever tainted and impaired by his actions.

Is there anything worse than the large scale destruction of the innocence of 12, 13, 14 and 15  year old girls?  It is alleged Epstein, a billionaire, used to convey the girls from state to state on his plane to service his friends. That’s called “White Slave Trafficking” when done with women who are the age of consent; there seems to be no word for how gross it is when is done to young girls.

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Alan Dershowitz: Did He Outfox Himself?

(1) big pigThis time the big mouth of Alan Dershowitz may have bitten off more than he can chew. When a women told the story of how when she was a 15-year-old girl she was lured into becoming a prostitute by Jeffrey Epstein a close friend of Alan Dershowitz and how as a young girl she was forced by Epstein into prostituting herself to Alan who had to be in his sixties and having sex with him he was squealing like a pig over all the media where he could gain a forum that he had nothing to do with the girl.

Alan’s tactic was to scare off the accuser Virginia Roberts and to intimidate her lawyers. It’s apparently a tactic he used in the past. The accusation against  Alan came out on December 30, 2014, in a court filing where Virginia told of at least two of the men who she had granted sexual favors to: Alan and Prince Andrew of Great Britain. We’ve learned since that time that with respect to the prince she has photographs showing her with him and kept a diary that spelled out her illicit transactions with him in London.

You see what was going on according to Virginia is that she said she was flying around at Jeffrey Epstein’s direction from state to state and overseas for the purpose of engaging in sex with older men which he believed helped his businesses. I always thought there was a federal law against having a woman moved from state to state called the Mann Act or the White Slave Traffic Act punishable by ten years in prison. If what Virginia alleges is true then you’d think the FBI and U.S. attorney would have been all over this guy Epstein but there seems little signs of it. In fact, the opposite seems to be the case. She’s getting little to no cooperation.

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Alan Dershowitz: His Buddies Tepid Support

(1) big pigOne of the strangest things about the Dershowitz matter is that the long alley of life he walked down after all did, as he neared its end, have a trash barrel that tripped him up. He had been used to throwing trash at others accusing them as we’ve seen in the situation involving the Bulgers of all sorts of crimes while thinking he’d never end up tripping over a barrel which contained accusations against him of participating in what he called a “heinous crime.” These accusations, true or not, will forever follow him.

When Alan wrote his op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal he said he would never rest until the injustice done against him was remedied. This injustice was that he was named as a person who had sex with a little girl named Virginia Roberts who was at best 16 years old in a case where he was not a party. He had plenty of rest when others were in the same situation or when he accused public figures of crimes. But now that something that existed for as long as he practiced law affected him it now keeps him awake.

It seemed it also affected his buddies who decided to speak out with half-hearted support of Alan a little late in the game. The headline of the article in the newspaper read: “Alan Dershowitz Gets Support of Harvard Professors.” I was interested in seeing what his buddies would have to say in their written statement of January 23, 2015. I was surprised to see only 38 of the 143 full-time faculty signed letter that related to his situation. I expected that they would say something to the effect that they believe there is no way Alan “a colleague and friend” would have committed the crimes alleged and they fully support his denial.

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Alan Dershowitz: A Call For Criminal Investigations

(1) big pigAlan Dershowitz said this: “the real villains in this tale of mass murder and massive corruption are the ‘good’ people who knowingly facilitated the bad brothers [Whitey and Billy Bulger] – the Dukakises, Whites, McCormacks, Cardinal Laws, O’Sullivans, Welds, Moakleys, and Silbers. Also guilty were the cowards who appointed Billy Bulger president of UMass instead of indicting him for extortion and taking bribes. . . . “ 

Alan is pretty good at dishing it out don’t you think. He had little trouble tearing into the reputation of others. Alan lost no sleep suggesting Billy Bulger engaged in extortion or took bribes. No authorities ever suggested that. This is the world in which Alan Dershowitz thrived making accusations against others.

Billy Bulger became involved in a matter when an allegation was made in court pleadings in defense of a suit brought by his former law partner that the partner engaged in extortion. The allegation was made by associates of Dershowitz to bring about a settlement of the case. It was never proven although reading the Boston media you’d believe otherwise. It was eventually disregarded when the lawyers got the settlement they wanted.

In fact, Bulger like Dershowitz was not part of the suit. He was dragged into it by Dershowitz’s friends and the media. It was strange that the filings by Dershowitz’s friends in court always seemed to end up in the media as proven facts.

When I read Dershowitz wondering in the article in the Wall Street Journal: “How did the accusation get from a court filing in an obscure courthouse in Florida to the first page of many newspapers and the first item on many television broadcasts? Obviously, it was leaked; who is going to be checking court filings the day before New Year’s Eve? But the mere leak of a publicly filed court document cannot lead to a legal claim, your lawyer tells you” I could not suppress a laugh. No lawyer had to tell a man with his knowledge that leaking things to the media as what happened in Bulger’s situation could not result in a legal claim.

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The Big Game: To Tie or Not To Tie

IMG_4344Yesterday on PBS two sports writers were interviewed about the game while others were asked who they predicted would be the winner. David Brooks the NY Times columnist and frequent Friday guest pretty much said he really didn’t care but Mark Shields a former Weymouth MA altar boy told us he was cheering for the Patriots and inexplicably explained to Brooks that Foxboro and Taunton and Brockton were blue collar neighborhoods as if that somehow had something to do with his pick.

The sports writers were Kevin Blackistone from ESPN and Christine Brennan who is connected with ABC, one of the three networks proud to be able to share carrying the Super Bowl.  Blackistone reaffirmed all that I have been saying about deflategate noting: “In fact, I think it worked out to be a somewhat of a nice carpet ride for the NFL to keep the conversation going about this particular Super Bowl matchup, and gave one team a black hat and the other team a white hat. It’s amazing that we get to the end of the season talking about something as ridiculous as deflated and inflated footballs, . . . ”

Brennan who must have been wearing an NFL cheerleader uniform said: “I think the TV ratings may well be higher than they have ever been before, because, as we know, controversy will bring more people to their television sets to see what this is about, if that’s possible, that there could be more people watching the Super Bowl. I do say I agree with Kevin. It is ridiculous, but it’s been a distraction and it’s kept the NFL in the news in that week between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl itself.”

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Will Boston Marathon Change Venue in 2015?

(3) indian head nickelPeople are thinking ahead. Those involved should be congratulated for their foresight. Logistics may be tough but it really came down to having no choice. The only problem is getting the right location that will mirror that of the Boston Marathon with its bucolic beginning, Wellesley women, Heartbreak Hill, Red Socks game ending, and the final run through the streets similar to those of Boston.

An early contestant in the place to replace the race was Branson, Missouri. It was believed that the entertainment capital of America for those remembering the good old days would be ideal since few would have heard about the Marathon Terrorist Attack. But rumors were about that on April 20 of this year Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede may have Dolly herself on hand. That would make it impossible to run through the streets of Branson because past experienced showed the streets would be too jammed packed.

As you know by April 20 the ongoing jury selection in the Djhokhar Tsarnaev case that is taking place on the Boston waterfront will probably have been completed. During that selection period a blizzard blew through Boston and some hearty soul having little else to do because it was a very slow day and in a moment of downtime madness which happens to most guys who attend bars and have to listen to and smile at the rants of their customers decided to shovel the snow off the finish line of the Boston marathon. A picture of him doing this was taken. The Boston Police put out an all-points bulletin to find out his identity apparently believing he was a non-union guy taking a job away from a union guy which is a pending felony in Boston. Upon learning his name and that he had no prior criminal record the Boston U.S. attorney called off a planned early morning raid on his house.

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Deflating Deflategate: Identifying the Culprit.

savinhill2My Irish correspondent Henry has informed me that scientific tests have shown that temperatures can cause a properly inflated ball to deflate in the same manner as the 11 footballs the Patriots used in their game. The wonder of it all is that the 12th ball remained unaffected by the changes in the air and humility.

Having practiced trial law as a profession I am well aware that you always try to get the best expert that money will buy, or, to put it another way you can always get an expert’s opinion in your favor if you have enough money. So, with due respect to Henry, I must say that I look with a jaundiced eye on his offer of proof. That will not be surprising to some of my readers who suggest I am cynical.

Not wanting to put too much trust in others to resolve this matter I decided to conduct my own experiments. But before telling you of those, I want to mention what we know to be true as distinguished from what the media had told us for those who have not been on top of this issue.

The NFL has a silly rule that requires footballs to be at a certain pressure between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds a square inch. (psi) The rule makes no sense. If one quarterback likes to throw the ball better with a 10.5 psi and another 13.5 why not let them do it. It would hardly diminish the game in any respect since each side could choose what it liked best and anything above the equivalent of a football with a flat should be acceptable. That this is so is shown by the fact that no fan prior to deflategate ever complained about the psi in a football.

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