The Bum’s Rush of FBI Agent John Connolly in Federal Court: Part One

You know Frank Salemme was one of the big hit men during the gang wars of the 1960s in Boston according to both him and his buddy Stevie Flemmi. Both men were indicted for blowing up an attorney’s automobile. They fled the area. Flemmi was caught in New York City by FBI Agent John Connolly, returned to Boston, incarcerated in Walpole prison for 16 years, and finally released in the late 1980s. He eventually became the leader of the New England Mafia. Not a nice guy by any definition of that word.

He testified against Agent Connolly at his trial in 2002. He blamed Connolly for him having been shot at a Pancake House in Saugus. He testified Flemmi told him the gangsters were paying money to Connolly; he testified that he gave Flemmi money to give to Connolly; and he said he got information from Flemmi which Flemmi said came from Connolly. Pretty good information that Connolly is corrupt to any juror who is paying attention.

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Good Times for Old Men: Howie Winter Walks!

howie-winter1I called the Middlesex DA’s office the other day to check up on Howie Winter’s case. You remember Howie, he was the guy John Martorano was with him when they were killing some of the people on behalf of Gerry Angiulo the Boston Mafia leader. Martorano testified how he and Howie met with Angiulo who was worried about another group led by Indian Al which was moving in on his gaming empire. Gerry hired Martorano and Howie and their merry men to wipe out Indian Al and his gang. In Boston at those times whatever Gerry wanted, Gerry got.

So they set about to do the job and did it very well. From John Martorano, the man who said you can’t rat on a rat, we learned that he did rat on Howie Winter who had never ratted on anyone. Nor had Howie ever been put in any FBI file as an informant. He told the feds to take a walk.

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Our Pot Head President: Is He Endangering Us?

(1) Ibama GolfingYou won’t read it in our mainstream news media but the use of cannabis is definitely detrimental. This study has found that it is highly addictive and opens the door to hard drugs. More importantly it impairs intellectual development.

Now listen to President Obama: As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.”

I’ve been wondering whether his youthful use of marijuana is affecting his judgment as is shown by his suggestion marijuana use is not dangerous. Recent scientific studies prove him wrong. I sense in him a mental fugue. I know its little things but are these symptoms of his brain not working right.

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Corrupt Federal Judges:

(1) JudgeCorrupt as an adjective is defined in Webster’s Third New International Dictionary as:  “1 a: DEPRAVED, EVIL : perverted into a state of moral weakness or wickedness . . . b : of debased political morality: characterized by bribery; the selling of political favors, or other improper political or legal transactions or arrangements.”

It is best to have agreed upon definitions of words when considering ideas.  On occasion I have people commenting here who accuse the federal judges in Massachusetts of being corrupt. I assume they are not referring to the more limited definition found when one asks Google for the definition which is gives as: “having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.”

The reason some suggest the federal judges are corrupt is that they don’t understand that corruption is inherent in our judicial system. That comes about because of the other phenomena that I’ve written about which is the disparate treatment of what I call poofs, which is the acronym for people out of favor.

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Here’s Some Fat to Chew On Before Tonight’s Kickoff:

(1) Ox“Bob Kraft is in this for the money” –  when I first wrote that early in the season right after the Logan Mankins trade I was told he’s a business man and there’s nothing wrong with it. I had complained earlier how John Henry decimated the Red Sox half way through the 2014 season to cut back on the payroll. I was told the same thing what’s wrong with making money.

The Kraft and Henry athletic supporters pointed how they had brought to the city championships in the past. That’s true, we’ve had a good run under them but now that they have put good teams on the field to sell out their ballparks they figure the money will still pour in no matter what quality team they put on the field.

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Tom Brady Welcomes Aaron Hernandez Back onto the Patriots?

(1) Judge-Susan-Garah_20131021060743729_660_320Tom Brady’s not washed up I like to believe. He’s just not getting the protection nor does he have the receivers he used to have. The other day I showed how well he did with Wes Welker. Even though Julian Edelman is a capable replacement statistics show he doesn’t measure up to Welker.

Perhaps the 2014 season will turn out to be a bust. But next year, which could be Brady’s penultimate year, things could come together for him again. 2015 and 2016 would be his final two years and he and his partner Bill Belichick may put together two great Super Bowl runs, and perhaps capture the ring. That would be a dynamic ending to their many years association.

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The Trouble With FBI Informant Reports: Judges Believe Them

(1) barbozaJudges not being cops are duped by 209s. They are not alone, so is the media. Cops keep them in perspective.

FBI Agents file reports from informants on a Form 209. They put in these reports what the informant tells them. So do other police agencies file similar reports. Any FBI agent or investigator knows that the information provided by the informant may be true, or it may be false. Lots of informant reports are nothing more than hearsay which the informant picks up on the street. Others are highly self-serving.

We’ve seen in Whitey’s case 209 reports putting the killing of Halloran on people who didn’t do it or setting out false reasons for his murder. No one believes them now because we know the truth. If any fault is found with them the media blames the agent for filing false reports. It shows the gap in understanding. The agent files what the informant tells him. The agent does not vouch for its truthfulness. It is a foundation. Before it can be believed much other work has to be done.

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Is Tom Brady the Ukrainian Farmer’s Ox? –

ctober 2014_2014 10 03_0976Stunning evidence of the folly of Bob Kraft who decided to pocket 6.5 million dollars by getting rid of a high paid player who wouldn’t agree to take less money for the honor of working for the Kraft team fell on my driveway this morning.

My son, the one who doesn’t read my blog, decided that I’d enjoy having the Wall Street Journal delivered to my house so he went ahead and ordered it for me. Now it mysteriously lands in my driveway six days a week. He got the idea because he remembers I used to like to read the newspapers delivered to the house. In the old days that was true but it’s a long time since then. Back then I had a friend John K who had just about every paper on the East Coast delivered to his house. Sometimes when I’d drive him home from work I’d have to lend him a quarter so that he could buy the afternoon newspapers. How many of you remember them? By the way, he’d always walk into my office the next day and pay me despite my suggestion it was not necessary.

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Bonehead Boehner: Defending People Who Won’t Defend Themselves

IMG_4074It used to be believed that our foreign policy differences were supposed to end at the borders of our country. We’d have a debate at home but when the president decided the course we should follow especially when it came to war everyone fell in line. We were told that the differences in foreign policy among Americans in high political office were then muted. The reason for doing it was to show our enemy we were united in fighting against it.

That worked in WWII. The common home front didn’t exist in Vietnam or the Iraq war. There was much happening at home that could give the enemy encouragement. During Vietnam the opposition to the war was so great that some American journeyed to North Vietnam to show their support for it and others planted bombs here on the homeland. The enemy being encouraged hung on and chased us away.

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With Friends Like These: Who Needs Enemies

2013 08 14_3682On Saturday I told how our involvement in the War Against ISIS will be a repeat of the Vietnam War. We’re going in very slowly but as time goes on we will put more and more troops into the area, another surge like we had in Iraq, but this time we’ll be gobble up by the intractable Arab forces who we’ll never be able to please.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Saturday had a couple of articles that tell of the dire days that lie ahead. It isn’t widely covered but our air attacks against ISIS have built up a great animosity among the Syrian allies we are supposed to be helping. Throughout Syria there were anti-American demonstrations  protesting our attacks.

Of course, the American were caught by surprised. We’re always caught by surprise in the Arab world. Remember how we were told the Iraqi people would be on the streets welcoming our invasion of their country. That never happened.

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