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Letter to Federal Judge Saylor on behalf of Catherine Greig

On Soup Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2016 I sent off the following letter to Federal Judge F. Dennis Saylor, IV,

Dear Judge Saylor,

I write on behalf of Catherine Greig. Her predicament reminds me of what Mae West once said: “Ladies who play with fire must remember that smoke gets in their eyes.” True though that is, I’d suggest Inmate Greig never thought that the consequences of doing it would have her ending up like the Maid of Orleans losing her freedom and dying at the hands of the state.

I suggest in the annals of American jurisprudence no woman has ever been punished as severely by the federal judicial system as Inmate Greig considering that she committed no violent act, had no prior criminal record, was not involved in drugs or a large monetary fraud.

America’s Had Its Fun – Now It Suffers – NH Results

() HareI’m told the nuns at St. Elizabeth hospitals with a malicious smile used to tell the young women who came into the maternity section of that hospital “you’ve had your fun – now suffer.” I cannot  vouch for them saying that because I was never in that position or condition. What verified that it may have happened was the discovery of the way the nuns in Ireland treated the young unmarried pregnant women who fell into their clutches.

New Hampshire, and to a lesser extent Iowa, has provided America with its fun. We are supposed to believe that the competition for the nomination for president of our two major parties is up for grabs. That the people are crying for change, which they are, and that something new will come about, which it won’t.

Should The State Protect The Brains of Young Kids?

() wisecatWe are a society that has abdicated our rights to looks after our children to the state. It happened so quickly that one hardly noticed. Any of you who were around for the recent birth of a child know that parents cannot take their child with them from a hospital until the hospital people decide that their car has the proper type seating into which to place the infant. The state forbids you to take your child home in your arms; you must have an approved container into which to fit the child.

I often wondered what happens to a pregnant single woman about to begin labor who drove herself from her small bungalow in the countryside to the hospital on the only means of transportation available to her which is her motor cycle. What happens when she want to take her baby back home on the bike?

What happens If the hospital won’t let her? Does the baby become the property of the hospital? Will it then become a nurse or a doctor when it grows up. Does the hospital give it to the state? If a woman who lives within walking distance of the hospital does she have to buy a car with an approved baby seat to get her child released?

The Boston Herald’s Strange Disclosures: The Bulger Beating Goes On

(1) Baker 1Nothing intrigues the public more than who is on the public payroll. The one big public payroll everyone wonders about is the MBTA which seems to have the capacity for endless growth. The other day the Herald had an article on the MBTA which has become its bête noire.   It was very strange in many ways.

Let me count the ways.

First, it reported that over the past two years the MBTA hired 1,066 people. The best I could find is that in 2009 it had 6,346 people on its payroll of whom about 10% were part time. I don’t see that there has been much change in its operation since 2009 so I assume the figures are basically the same. How come the idea of hiring almost 20% of the workforce over a two year period does not seem to concern the Herald writers?

It would be nice if Charlie Baker could tell us something about that. As I understand it we have the most expensive transit system in the world. I can see why if those figures are correct and we are replenishing the total organization every half decade.

Only You Can Stop This Continuing Injustice: Speak Up and Be Heard!

() wolfIt was initially hard to find the coverage of  the Catherine Greig plea in the local newspapers. That is why I ended up getting my information from the NY Post. On Thursday I figured the locals could not totally ignore it so I Googled her name looking for news.

The Globe’s Shelley Murphy, the one who wrote about Billy Bulger’s grand jury testimony wrongfully leaked to the Globe, reported on it. She noted that the federal prosecutor Mary B. “Murrane said Greig refused to answer questions about her whereabouts between 1995 and 2011 “and whether any third party provided assistance to her and Mr. Bulger.” The article went on to note: “Greig was initially found in civil contempt for refusing to testify and nine months were added to her sentence. Prosecutors last year sought her indictment on the criminal contempt charge.”

Laurel J. Sweet for the Herald  noted:  “Risking life imprisonment to stand by her man, the longtime girlfriend of mobster James “Whitey” Bulger pleaded guilty yesterday to defying a court order that she tell a grand jury who helped the couple live large on the lam for 16 years.” “Live large?” Is her prejudice showing?  Sweet did note that: “Saylor asked Greig if she understood he could put her away for good, she responded, “I do.””

Federal Judge Saylor Tells Catherine Greig He May Give Her Life in Prison

justice criesLife in prison! According to reports Judge Saylor said he can impose a punishment on 64-year-old Catherine Greig of such magnitude that she may spend the rest of her life in prison. She is already doing 8 years plus an additional nine months for civil contempt. This to a woman who never committed a violent act.

Think of it. Please think of how these judges have treated others in the Whitey Bulger saga. John Martorano who murdered 20 people was given 12 years in prison and $20,000 upon his release; Kevin Weeks who murdered five was given six years in prison and allowed to keep his lottery winnings; Frankie Salemme got a handful of years and none for his murders or perjury; Stevie Flemmi who murdered two young women and a dozen or so other people is now in a Club Med confinement if not back on the street and he kept millions of dollars of his property.

These violent murderers all got good deals because they told the prosecutor Fred Wyshak what he wanted to hear about Whitey Bulger. (He wanted to really hear something bad about Billy Bulger. No one had a bad word to say about him no matter how much Wyshak begged and cajoled and promised. ) Greig who stood up to him and refused to render him any cooperation must now suffer his wrath.

The Order in The Greig Case: Kicking the Ball Down the Road

() wolfUNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS __________________________________________ ) UNITED STATES of AMERICA ) )

v. )

CATHERINE E. GREIG ) ) Defendant. )

PROCEDURAL ORDER CONCERNING SENTENCING SAYLOR, J. A plea of guilty having been entered on February 3, 2016, under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984, it is hereby


1. Pre-Sentence Investigation

a. The Probation Office shall immediately commence the pre-sentence investigation, unless the Court has ordered otherwise pursuant to Fed. R. Crim. P. 32(c)(1)(A).

b. The Probation Office shall prepare pre-sentence investigation reports in the order in which requests from the Court are received.

2. Statement of Relevant Facts

Not later than seven days after the plea, the attorney for the government shall provide to the Probation Office a statement of relevant facts and any other materials that may be relevant under Fed. R. Crim. P. 32(d). The attorney for the government shall simultaneously serve counsel for the defendant copies of all materials provided to the Probation Office.

3. Submission of Information Regarding Identifiable Victims (if applicable)

Catherine Greig Day – Double Double Punishment

(`) Liberty CriesToday we get a look at our Kafkaesque federal justice system if things go as reported. Catherine Greig is scheduled to plead guilty to contempt of court. She refuses to testify before a federal grand jury about her relationship with Whitey. A note to all gangsters and their molls. if you are in love and going to live together and not otherwise married then do get married. You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you do. Catherine would never have gone to prison at all had she done that in the first place.

You know Catherine has been through this before. She has never committed a crime other than going off with Whitey and living with him and doing things a woman would do to help a guy who was a fugitive from justice. No doubt she knew he was on the lam. But the twisted minds in the federal court decided that somehow she knew she was harboring a murderer when there was no evidence, none, that when she left with him she knew he was accused of any murders because at that time no one ever said Whitey murdered anyone; nor is there any evidence that if she at some subsequent time learned he was charged with one, or some, she believed that he had murdered anyone.