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Whitey and the FBI: Questions From Jerome: Part IV

Let's See What Side I Want To Use

Jerome’s first question related to his inability to find anything that happened as a result of the information Whitey gave to the FBI. He wanted to see some record of arrest of bookies, loan sharks, drug dealers, arms dealers, bank robbers or of any criminals attributed to Whitey.

I asked him to find out the identity of three people along with “Little Al.” I suggested that would help him figure things out. The three men I referred to were African-American informants that were used under J. Edgar Hoover to infiltrate the black newspaper publishers. “Little Al” was a bug that was put into a Mafia meeting place in Chicago.

Jerome in one of his most recent post did not mention whether he had done what I asked and analyzed it in relation to his question. He did however point to a comment by Kerry with approval. Kerry suggests Whitey was not an informant, he did nothing for the FBI, and received protection under false pretenses.

A Sunday Poem: Black Women Lying on the Grass

BBlack women lying on grasslack lives matter.

Do they?

Black women lying on the grass .

White lives matter.

Of course they do. They always have. But it is

Black women lying on the grass.

All lives matter.

If they do then why is it that we see

Black women lying on the grass.

Dajerria Becton, 15, in a bathing suit

At a Texas pool party was one of the

Black women lying on the grass

With a white policeman kneeling on her.

Black lives matter.

Do they?

Have you seen a 15-year-old white woman in a bathing suit lying on the grass

With a police man kneeling on her?

Sandra Bland, 28, in a long dress was another

Black women lying on the grass

For not signaling a lane change

With a white policeman standing over her

Black lives matter.

Do they?

Have you seen a 28  year old white woman  in a long dress lying on the grass

With a white policeman standing over her. All we see are

Black women lying on the grass

FBI Lies: The “National Security” Ruse

Evita PeronThe other day I wrote about the FBI’s  dark hole into which everything it gets involves with disappears until sometime much later when it may tell its own version of  what happened. The worst words you will hear if you are interested in learning something about an event that just happened is that“the FBI is investigating” or “the FBI is involved.”

A Globe article on Friday gets  right to the heart of this matter.  The headline of the story is: Officials weigh national security with public’s right to know in terrorism cases.”

The story relates to Alexander Coccolo the young man with the garbled mind who apparently has been mentally ill since he was a young boy.  He was living in Adams, MA, far over the edge of poverty, and as mentally ill people do had found disfavor in the society around him, ranted about it, and told how he supported such evil terrorist groups as ISIS even though he could hardly support himself.

Whitey and the FBI: Questions From Jerome: Part II

Female IRA fighter, 1970sJerome read my response and set out to follow-up on the things I suggested that would aid him in figuring out the answer to his problem which is he can not find any information Whitey gave to the FBI.

Rather who comments here helped him identifying “Little Al.”  He also included with that some of the things I had said in the past about him. “Little Al” was the name the Chicago FBI gave to the illegal bug that was planted in a Chicago Mafia office for several years that gave them information on all the criminal doings in the Chicago area that involved the Mafia and others.

Jerome got back to me on the 20th under the NY Girls post. He said he still did not understand why Whitey was an informant but he had yet to find anything about the three persons I mentioned. He wondered whether Whitey was made an informant by the FBI agents who hoped that he would give them “a boatload of money” and in return they would give him “tips and protection.” That is something that many are puzzled about.

Whitey and the FBI: Questions From Jerome: Part I

whitey with gunJerome and Rather who comment here have brought me back to a consideration of things relating to Whitey Bulger. Rather has hung around here a long time and kept current on many of the posts; Jerome more recently but he has a strong interest in probing deeper into what happened in the pre-Whitey era of the gang wars and the years when Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi were informants. Jerome has recently read many of the books about these times including my book “Don ‘t Embarrass The Family.”  He has posed some good questions to me looking for logical answers. Through these questions he brings up matters that make for good posts for those interested in the original subject of this blog and the FBI.

I first must say I appreciate the comments of people like Jerome, Rather, and all the others who come here, even JKM, regularly and off-and-on just to check in. I say this selfishly because they have made me sharpen my thinking and forced me to reconsider some of my positions which on second look were off-base. They have taught me more than I could ever have learned otherwise. A wise teacher will learn from his students; a blogger will learn from those who take the time to comment. So to all I give you a hearty hand shake and my thanks.

Misleading Cops: Is Just Saying ‘No’ OK?

nancy_reagan2The mystery on the boat “Naut Guilty” which is owned by a lawyer and whose motor cut off the arm of a young woman who was in the water deepened. Alexander Williams, 24, was arraigned in the Boston Municipal court for operating the boat negligently. It is also reported“Williams is charged with misleading an investigator under the state’s witness intimidation statute”

That’s the same statute that the DA in Suffolk County used to charge Aaron Hernandez with a crime for shooting some dude believed to be Alexander Bradley in Florida. I noted before that Hernandez’s intimidation occurred out-of-state in Florida so I suggested the Suffolk DA will eventually have that case tossed out. He probably knows this but he brought the charge not because he ever planned to prosecute it by itself but to have it consolidated with the Boston murder charges so that evidence of the Florida shooting will come into the trial.

With respect to Williams on the Naut Guilty he is charged with misleading an investigator. I’m not quite sure what he did so we’ll have to wait and see.

Trump’s Trumped, Chattanooga Mystery, Olympic Follies, and the Big Holiday

(1) a amrine flagIcarus, Donald, think Icarus! You couldn’t keep that big mouth shut. You liked those polls having you leading among sixteen others. It felt good being at the top of a field of plenty. You were king of the hill.

Hubris, Donald, think hubris. That was Icarus’s downfall. Your old man’s money (300 million) got you a deferment for a bone  spur in one of your feet (you forget which on) Your snide remark that the idea in war is not to be captured makes us think of how you ensured you won’t be captured by not serving.

Hero, Donald, think hero. John McCain is really a hero. He flew combat missions over Vietnam. With his pull (old man and grandfather were Navy admirals) he could have sat back at the Pentagon. He was being tortured in prison camp and had a chance to get out before the others but choose to stay until all got out. Could you see your pampered self doing that Donald?

Quit, Donald, think quit. Your big mouth has made you toast. You are sinking faster than Icarus whose wings melted; even faster than McCain’s plane after it was hit with a North Vietnam missile. You’ve become another Charlie Bratton, a mouth that has run away from its brain. You trumped yourself by talking too much and too loud and too foolishly. You won’t be missed.