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Rest in Peace Mayor Menino: Job Well Done

(1) Tom_MeninoSo Mayor Tom Menino has gone on to his reward. An amazing man who was able to hold on to a political job that used to be highly contested for five terms or twenty years. He was active right up until the penultimate hour traveling about as he publicized out his autobiography, “Mayor for a New America.”

I never met the man but admired him from afar. I first heard of him when he was thinking of running for a Congressional seat that was opening. The reason I recall that is that the guy I was working for at the time, Bill Delahunt, was also thinking of the same thing. Menino was a city counselor in Boston at the time.

His reign began in 1993. Throughout the many years he operated without any scandal which was a great thing for the city. He presided over its slow growth into what it has become today. It’s a shame he did not have more years to enjoy his retirement with his family.

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Slurring the Irish:

The Book Black Mass had as a subtitle “The Irish Mob, the FBI, and the Devil Deal.”  The Devil Deal was the relationship between the FBI and its Top Echelon Informants (TEIs). The mob I assumed was the Winter Hill Gang (WHG). The FBI had TEIs in the Mafia but I don’t think that the authors were referring to that as the Irish mob.

Truth be told, there was no deal with WHG. The deal was between the FBI and James “Whitey” Bulger and Stevie Flemmi, one Irish and the other Italian. Two don’t make a mob so we have to look further.

I suppose if the authors of Black Mass were pressed to explain they would agree that the WHG is what they were referring to when they spoke of an Irish Mob. Some have suggested that if we could look into their dark hearts we would see that what they meant by Irish Mob was Whitey Bulger and his brother, Billy, against whom they had an irrational abhorrence. But I’ll assume that’s not who they meant.

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An Unbiased Opinion On the Governor’s Debates:

(1) CoakleyThe United States Supreme Court and other judges have shown me the way. You know I support Martha Coakley. You also know some of the things she has done over the past have not particularly endeared me to her. I know some of you feel the same way. But we have to put that aside. Its nitty-gritty time. It’s now or never in deciding what type of Commonwealth we will be over the next four years. Each of us should seriously decide who will be the best governor for all of the people.

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The Absurdity of FBI Agent John Connolly’s Incarceration: Part Three

Here’s what I don’t get. How any right thinking can person believe justice is served by having John Connolly rot in prison?  To bring that about the Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys had to literally make deals with evil.

Connolly joined the FBI in 1968. He got in through a hook. No, it wasn’t through Billy Bulger’s help as some media mavens would have you believe. Billy was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives at the time who had little pull in Washington, DC at the time and none with the FBI. It was through a friend of his father, John W. McCormack, who happened to be Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.  McCormack picked up the phone and J. Edgar Hoover knowing on what side his bread was buttered opened the door for Connolly.

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Martha, Maura and Me

As you know I stay out of politics. I did tip my toe into it with an article before the primary based on a conversation with my son: Martha, Maura and My Son. I had no intention of doing another one. But here it is and my motivations for doing it will be explained as I go along.

First let me get one thing out of the way which is Maura Healey’s candidacy for attorney general. She is gutsy and adventurous, after graduating from Harvard she went off to Europe to play professional basketball for two years; and a truly dedicated public servant who stepped down from a high paying position at one of Boston’s top legal firms, I used to know it as Hale and Dorr, to join the Attorney General’s office where she has worked for 7 years. My favorite story about her is that during her victory party after the primaries a group of the poorest among us, those with severe disabilities, arrived. She stopped what she was doing and immediately went to them. She hugged and conversed with each one.

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The Absurdity of FBI Agent John Connolly’s Incarceration: Part Two

“Ludicrous,” any fair thinking person with a smidgen of knowledge of the facts and characters involved in the murder of John Callahan would respond if asked whether John Connolly had any role in his murder.

Unfortunately, there is so much false information out there by willful media people, who have duped others who relied on them and perpetuated the myths in their books, that the public has been bamboozled into believing something that is ludicrous. Was it Honest Abe who said: “you can fool all of the people some of the time?” This seems to be one of those cases.

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The Plight of The Martha Coakley: Irish Amnesia

(1) ed mccrmakThe Mayor of Savin Hill he was often called back when I ran into him outside the Statehouse. I’m not sure if he still has that name because the present mayor of Boston Marty Walsh is from Savin Hill, but back then there was no doubt he was the political boss of that area.

His blood ran Democratic blue. If you wanted to get a boost up in an election you went to him. He was the guy who got kids the summer jobs. He kept the neighborhood quiet. He help elderly and the many tenants of the three-deckers with their problems. In Dorchester and beyond he could turn out the enthusiastic workers for candidates; they’d hang signs, attend rallies, canvass the neighborhoods, get voters to the polls, and follow the sage advice to vote and vote often.

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The Absurdity of FBI Agent John Connolly’s Incarceration: Part One

“Mean bastards,” is what I answered a person who asked me why the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI want John Connolly to die in prison. That’s my explanation for what is going on. They have no reason other than they are vindictive people who have the power to work behind the scenes to continue the unwarranted imprisonment of him.

It’s not that John Connolly knows anything that could hurt them; even if he did, few, if any, would believe him since he has lost all credibility in the public eye after the incessant hammering he has taken in the media and books by malicious people using him as a foil for hurting others. A tragic part of John Connolly’s plight is that he has yet to fully grasp after all these years in prison that he was betrayed by the FBI. He knows he did the job that he was supposed to have done; he knows the FBI knows that is what he did; because of his brain washing by that Bureau he cannot understand that it is because he did the job that the FBI had to turn on him and try to destroy him.

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Secretly Stealing The Massachusetts Governor’s Race

(1) hart biminiHere are two polls of Massachusetts voters over a similar period of time conducted by allegedly independent polling groups. So as not to identify the polls or the candidates at this time, I’ll use the Marine military phonetic alphabet such as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot etc. that I used to know when I was in the service of the country.

One, I’ll call Poll Delta. It measured the attitude of Massachusetts voters between the period from October 12 to October 14 (Week 1) and again from October 19 to October 21 (Week 2). The other I’ll call Poll Echo. It measured their attitude from October 8 to 11 (Week 3) and again from October 15 to 18 (Week 4). It seems to me that they would be relatively close and consistent having been done in such near proximity to each other differing by only three days.

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Were Gay Men Immune From Prosecution in the 1980s?

A voir dire is the questioning of a persons who may to sit as a juror to determine whether reasons exist that the juror should not sit in judgment of a defendant in a particular case. A judge oversees the selection of a jury. Counsel for the state and the defendants have before them a questionnaire with written answers a juror provided about his or her background. Jurors are asked other questions by the judge. This exercise is supposed to ferret out any biases or prejudices that a person maintains so that those in the jury room will be as free of prejudices as possible and the jury an impartial arbiter of the facts in a case.

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