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Happy Thanksgiving

(1) RockwellOne of the best holidays is upon us since all we have to do is to enjoy a nice meal. No need for presents. Just a time to relax and give thanks for our good fortune that we live in America.

But do me one favor. After you are relaxing with a full belly and contemplating whether you have enough energy to play a touch football game or rather just enough to slip off into a comfortable chair for a couple of winks, help me figure out what is it the FBI can offer a Top Echelon informant in return for his help in giving it information that could bring down other high level criminals such as the leaders of the Mafia.

The FBI was quite successful in doing this. They did it in part through the use of these informants. I’m beginning to believe this is a story where we want our cake and eat it. We wanted the Mafia destroyed. We want to pretend that the people who helped the FBI destroy the Mafia got or deserved nothing in return for their help. We want a quo without a quid.

When John Morris testified he said that he asked John Connolly what Whitey and Stevie wanted in exchange for the help they gave. Connolly, according to Morris, said “all they want is a head start.” Assume for a moment that is true which I know is difficult because Morris was caught in so many lies.

Connolly meant in using the term “head start” that they wanted to be tipped off if any indictments were coming down against them so that they could disappear. Would that have been wrong for Connolly to have made that deal with them? If so, why?

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Judge Gertner’s Take On FBI Top Echelon Informants

(1) bugsyThe understanding of the events surrounding the James Whitey Bulger saga must first start with the FBI. How was it that he became an asset of the FBI? We know he was made a Top Echelon Informant (TEI) by the Bureau. The question that is open and I’ve asked you to consider is what did the FBI offer TEIs to induce them to join with it.

In the Limone decision Judge Gertner  talked about the TEI program. This was necessary because she was dealing with the murder of Teddy Deegan on March 12, 1965. The FBI had prior knowledge a hit was planned on him from an electronic bug planted at the office of Raymond Patriarca the head of the Patriarca Crime Family in New England. She noted after Deegan was killed the FBI knew who did it which information was “confirmed by Top Echelon informant reports after its commission.”

She noted in addition to using electronic bugs the FBI developed the TEI program to go after the Mafia. She wrote it was “officially inaugurated by J. Edgar Hoover on June 21, 1961” citing footnote 21. That footnote reads: “Hoover described the program in a signed memorandum: “To insure that the Bureau meets its responsibilities in connection with the Criminal Intelligence Program, it is mandatory that the development of quality criminal informants be emphasized and the existing program be implemented and greatly expanded.” “

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Top Echelon Informant Program: The Quid

article-2000227-0C72775100000578-502_964x654A much overused expression for which I plead guilty is “quid pro quo.” Having had the benefit of six years of Latin I am able to translate it. I can also translate some other Latin expressions. One that immediately comes to mind is “semper ubi, sub ubi.” The former expression as we all know, even those without a Latin background, means you give something so you expect to get something in return.

If anyone knows that it is the gangsters among us who are keenly aware of it. The way it often happens is the gangster is jammed in by the cops. He’ll want to figure a way out. Some will offer to become informants. Others will offer to give up things like stolen goods. So gangster Mylo will throw the quo out by saying to a cop: “what will you give me if I get you the Degas, Three Mounted Jockeys painting.” The cop will return with the quid and say: “I’ll let you walk and drop the charges.”  

I prosecuted a defendant who had perfected that type scheme. He’d always set aside part of the items he stole so that when he got caught he could bargain them away for his freedom. He knew how much cops loved to pose for media photographs with stolen items they had recovered. When I told his lawyer he was going to go to Walpole, I don’t know who was more angry, the defendant or the cop I deprived of his photo shoot.

We saw Whitey engage in a little of it when he was picked up for the armed robberies he had been involved in when he was in his twenties. He went out to the mid-West and robbed a bank. He took along his girl who acted as a lookout in the car. One of the guys with him got jammed in and did his dealing by turning state’s evidence and fingering Whitey as his associate.

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Hagel’s Toast: Finallly

I’ve written a couple of times before about Hagel. A good man with a fine background but not a serious man. Liked the perks of the office but not the work.

How did I know? I posted on it before. In Japan a military honor guard welcomed his arrival there. He  reviewed the troops in  a sports coat, slacks, open shirt with no tie, sport socks and loafers. He was dressed for a golf outing.

It was insulting to the Japanese a crucial ally. Doing that and unaware of the implications of his actions told me the man was not one who would be involved in the heavy work of leading our arm forces. Obama gave him the job because as a former senator he’d get passed easily by the other senators.

Obama now sees that Hagel is more a playboy than a deep thinking leader. Knowing Obama’s distaste for confrontations, Hagel must have tried him sorely.

This can only be a plus for the country. Having been burned once let’s hope we find someone up to the job.  It is times like these we need such a person





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Top Echelon Informant: The FBI Program

(1) BarbosaPat Nee is alleged to have been involved in several murders. He has never been charged with any. He self-described himself as a partner of Whitey Bulger.

A member of the Mullen Gang it is alleged he was one of the group that gunned down Billy O’Sullivan and Donald Killeen of the rival Killeen Gang. Born in Ireland he was highly involved in supporting the Irish terrorists. He arranged for a shipment of arms to be transported by sea to them by a small crew of seamen including the master mechanic John McIntyre. That shipment was intercepted by the police. Investigations followed and McIntyre was giving evidence to Quincy Detective Richard Bergeron and others.

Nee invited John McIntyre to a house in Southie and drove him there. When they entered we are told McIntyre was immediately bound and tortured by Whitey. After several hours of questioning he was murdered.

McIntyre never dealt with Whitey relative to the shipment. He could not implicate him in it. He could implicate Nee. Nee would say he left the house after delivering him but came back in time to help bury him in its basement.

Some have suggested Nee was never charged because he was a Top Echelon informant (TEI) for the FBI. Like Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi, he was given protection by the FBI in exchange for helping them out. It is said Nee felt so protected that recently he was on a reality TV show bragging how he controlled the gaming rackets in South Boston. Nothing happened to him.

It is said Nee has in his wallet a TEI pass from the FBI. That is the same one Whitey and Stevie Flemmi carried. It means he can engage in criminal activity and the FBI will protect him and keep him safe.

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Rule by Mob: Ferguson Questions

(1) fergysibWe all know about the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, where an unarmed young black man was killed by a white police officer. We also know that after that shooting riots broke out. The rioters were confronted by police officers, some of whom were clothed in military-type gear. The cops were condemned for being too militaristic. Little condemnation fell upon the heads of those who broke the law.

Unmentioned is that the actions of the police brought the riots to an end with no deaths or major injuries. Rather than suggesting that perhaps using military style responses to riots seemed to work we were told that it was something awful. We were told not to believe our eyes. We were told that indeed something done by the police was quite horrific even though from all we could see the result of their action was quite benign and order was restored.

Having brought about some type of calm, the criminal justice system slowly moved into action. An investigation into the events brought about by Michael Brown’s death commenced. The normal process is to have information about the shooting presented to a grand jury for its determination. That was done. It is near its end of the evidentiary presentation. The grand jury is about to decide whether to indict the white police officer.

Overriding this whole affair is the matter of race. Blacks feel the killing would not have happened had Michael Brown been white; blacks also feel that the cop will get a pass on the killing because he is white. Blacks don’t understand why he has not been quickly indicted and brought to trial. It is well-known in the black and white community that a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. Put another way, it is common knowledge that whether a grand jury indicts someone or not is up to the prosecutor. It follows some believe because the prosecutor is white that there will be a white wash.

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A Clear Violation of the Constitution: What is the remedy? Is There One?

(1) a constitutionThe one thing those who set up this country, people who actually put their lives and wealth at risk, for after all a revolt against the king was treason punishable by a neck noose on a scaffold, was to insure that no king would govern our land.

The idea that they came up with was a tripartite type government with each part having its own separate duties and responsibilities in which two could always act as a check upon another one usurping areas outside its assigned realm.

Article I, states: “All legislative Powers granted shall be vested in a Congress . . . . “ Congress consisted of two houses, a senate and house of representative.  Among the powers of Congress explicitly noted were “To regulate commerce with foreign Nations” and To establish an Uniform Rule of  Naturalization” 

Article II, states: “The executive power shall be vested in the President of the United States . . . .”  Prior to taking office the president must take the following oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully executed the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”

The powers granted to the president are those of “Commander in Chief”, and with Senate oversight to “make Treaties”, “appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, judges of the Supreme Court” and other officers.  He can fill vacancies in those offices, give a report to Congress on the State of the Union, “recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient,” recall Congress in cases of disagreement, receive Ambassadors, and  “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed . . . . “

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Thoughts on The Murder of the Four Rabbis

(1) rabbi kiledThe last two days I posted about the actions by supporters of Israel who hope to push America into war. I told how they plan to pay money to candidates on the condition they promise to be more aggressive against Iran. I’ve written how these money people have a long history of seeking to bring us to war with that nation.

On the first day I posted on this issue there was a horrific terrorist early morning attack in Jerusalem by two Palestinians who somehow believe murdering peaceful men at prayer will accomplish whatever goal they seek. I was tempted to call them brainwashed or deranged but neither definition fit. I hope at some point I can find out what motivated this evil act.

Four rabbis and an Israeli police officer were murdered. The rabbis were all men of peace and good will struck down in the midst of their prayers.  The police officer was responding to the desperation of others.  A truly horrific event.

Rabbi Moshe Twersky, 59, from our area was called studious, caring, quiet and brilliant; Rabbi Kaiman Ze’ev Levine, 55, from Kansas City spent much of his time promoting tolerance; Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky, 43, born in Rhode Island and raised in Oak Park, Michigan, the father of five young children, was said to be kind and looking for ways to help people, and Rabbi Abraham Shmuel Goldberg, 68, also the father of five, grew up in Liverpool and was deeply religious and not political.

This void act that accomplished nothing is as evil as any act committed by ISIS. How incomprehensible striking down people engaged in prayer. “Up, sword,” cried Hamlet seeing the king he was bent to murder in prayer believing that to murder him at such a time would send his soul to heaven. So what little comfort we can achieve from this dastardly act is these rabbis died doing what was most important to them, praying to God. What reward lies after a good life certainly awaits them.

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Bringing America To War: No Hiding the Footprints

IranThe American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD),  and the Israeli American Council (IAC) are beating the war drums.  Each of these groups is composed of neo-cons. Each is funded by people interested foremost in Israel. They want war with Iran a country of 81 million people almost three times the size of one of the last countries we attacked, Iraq, and they are right out front seeking it without any hiding.

Eleven years after the Iraq attack we are heading back into that country because the decade we spent in building up its army was wasted. Our overthrow of the order of things has led to the creation of ISIS whose leaders are former Iraqi prisoners. We are still in the middle of our doomed Iraq adventure and we are being pushed into another encounter.

I have wondered if anyone has thought about what happens when we attack Iran. Iran is no Iraq. Its influence reaches down into Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. One thing for sure you can count on, the attack will unite the Iranian people. (Remember what 9/11 did to us.) Have we prepared ourselves for what will follow after the attack? Has that even been discussed?

I noted that Senator Lindsey Graham in a speech at IAC last week called the Iran situation “the most significant event in modern history.”  Graham is one of the Senate leaders acting on behalf of these pro-Israeli groups. He is part of the group we once knew as the three amigos, John McCain, soon to be chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and Joe Lieberman, former senator from Connecticut being the others.

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American Blood For Sale; Buying An American War.

(1) Adelson 2I’ve written in the past how I could not vote for Romney because he was in hock to Sheldon Adelson. I’ve noted how Adelson lusts for war with Iran. He suggested dropping nukes on it. Adelson at the same time has told us he regrets serving in the uniform of the U.S. and hopes his boys join the army. Not the American one but the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

It is common knowledge, or at least I hope it is, that Benjamin Netanyahu has been trying to have the United States attack Iran since he came into power in Israel. The whole need to attack Iran has been like the doomsday clock that some scientists used to continually predict the happening of a nuclear war within a few days. Year after year for at least a dozen years we have been warned by Netanyahu and others that Iran would have a nuclear bomb in a year or so.

When the U.S. seemed less than enthusiastic, Netanyahu suggested as far back as 2012 that if the U.S. would not attack Iran then Israel would do it on its own. That was never a serious consideration. Just like the Arabs won’t put their troops at risk preferring the United States to do the fighting for them; so is it Israel would prefer the United States fight its war with Iran. Not that I blame them, why lose your own boys and girls and spend your national treasure if another nation can be bought into losing their young men and women and spend its money doing it for you.

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