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Matt Connolly's Views on Boston, the Nation and the World - Emphasizing Criminal Justice and Politics

How Prepared Should We Be? America’s Complaisance In The Face Of Ebola

KERRY AND LAVROVThings have been swell, all seems quite well; no need to dwell, on the approaching hell.

One thing we know about our government is it is reactive. It doesn’t really anticipate the happenings of events. From Pearl Harbor (it’s not in Japan) through 9/11 had we had some people who thought beyond the monthly salary that they get whether they perform or not and conjectured into the area of “what if” we should have anticipated both of those attacks and many other present happenings.

When we went into Iraq did anyone ask how we would get out or what would happen if we got out? That we invaded that country without anticipating the future who is to blame? Now it is a mess. Under Saddam Hussein it might not have been our best friend and might have been encouraging some of the actions of the Palestinian suicide bombers but beyond that Saddam’s rule was quite stable though sadistic to some. What have we brought about? ISIS! To those who complain that Obama never should have taken out all our forces I ask did we plan to keep American troops in that country forever.

The Human Animals: A Look Into The Future

(7)The Israeli invasion, or reoccupation, of Gaza made me recall the glory days of the women’s movement when its young disciples had such fire in their bellies that using the “g word” to refer to any female over 12 years-of-age would bring the house down upon one. During that time I had a conversation with one of the fire breathers in my office. I mentioned something about “history” and she retorted “herstory.”  Yes, anyone using an adjective relating to the male specie was deemed a chauvinistic pig. Even some would rebel at the use of the word “this” suggesting that it be change to “ther.”

I tiptoed around quietly. I earnestly hoped not to be caught making a politically incorrect remark. Remnants of that are seen today as I use the pronoun her in places I normally would have used him.

Sanction Putin Where It Hurts: Remove or Boycott the 2018 World Cup In Russia

Ukraine Dec 8 Le MondeMuch of what we have seen with respect to Putin was predictable shortly after the people of Ukraine rejected being forced back into Russia’s evil enduring embrace by going out to protest on late November 2013 in the Maidan (Independence Square) as the cold Siberian winds of winter descended on Kyiv. This people’s protest objected to their president Victor Yanukovych’s rejection of the European Union in favor of a stifling, suffocating, enslavement deal with Russia. They protested through the winter with hundreds of thousands standing in the cold demanding they not be put back under the embrace of a nation where protests like the one they were involved in were forbidden and all the media is controlled by one person.

President Obama’s Fear Of Putin Puts The World At Risk

(2) crash site imageIt was obvious to me last Friday that a Russian fired the missile that took down the plane. I was wrong when I suggested it came from just over the border on the Russia side; it seems now that it came from just over the border on the Ukrainian side.

Media reports indicate that the truck carrying the missile had come into Ukraine earlier that day (some suggest up to three trucks with missiles came in from Russia). It was seen leaving Ukraine and going back into Russia after it launched its attack. Intercepts of communications showed the Russian commanders in Russia were intricately involved in the attack.

Just about the time of the attack Putin was on the phone with Obama complaining about the new sanctions Obama had placed on Russia. Putin mentioned to Obama that a plane had gone down over Ukraine but just in passing so Obama apparently didn’t inquire further.

A Clear And Present Danger: Putin With Germany’s Backing

(2) russian bearFreedom of speech also means freedom to lie. No one does it better than Putin and the Russians. There’s a Russian TV station called RT, which was formerly called Russia Today. It reports the news in English that is given to the people of Russia. It is the official mouthpiece for Putin.

Any nation with a modicum of decency would spell out what happened to Malaysian Air Flight MH17 which was downed over Ukraine by Russians acting on behalf of Putin who is attempting to take Eastern Ukraine into Russia. “It was an accident,” the nation would declare. “We, or those we supported, mistakenly took the civilian airliner for a military plane. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the victims of our tragic error. We will do everything in our power to ameliorate anyone’s loss and will cooperate fully with an investigation being conducted.”   But Russia, lacking any decency, has put out lies and covered up the evidence.

Vladimir Putin’s Goal: Returning Russia To 19th Century Prominence

RT News

RT News

Tip of the hat to Henry who lives in a country in Europe that suffered greatly at the hands of a former empire. At times he gives me a European perspective on matters. He referred me to this site.

It is an article written by Timothy Garton Ash a professor at Oxford who met Putin back in 1994 when Putin was deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, Russia. He described him as: a short, thickset man with a rather ratlike face.”  

He tells how Putin said Russia:had voluntarily given up “huge territories” to the former republics of the Soviet Union, including areas “which historically have always belonged to Russia.

Putin went on to say:“Russia could not simply abandon to their fate those “25 million Russians” who now lived abroad. The world had to respect the interests of the Russian state “and of the Russian people as a great nation.”

A Portrait of Our President: The Slow Road To Insignificance

(2) WeaknessDan Hodges is a former Labour Party and GMB trade union official in the British Telegraph wrote about Britain’s impotence in the face of threats. He made certain observations. I suggest his comments are equally applicable to President Obama and the United States. When our closest ally falls into this type of thinking it is usually a reflection of our own.

Hodges wrote: That Tony Blair a month after 9/11 said: “This is a moment to seize. The kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon, they will settle again. Before they do, let us reorder this world around us.”

He continued:  “ . . . the pieces are no longer in flux. Instead, they lie scattered over the Ukrainian countryside, or drift listlessly across a blood-stained beach in Gaza and down the dusty, battle-scarred streets of Syria and Iraq. “

Obama’s Hand Has Been Called: Will He Fold The U.S. Hand To Ragtag Rebels?

Doc - Dec 26, 2013, 12-49 PMPresident Obama spoke on Friday about the downing of the Malaysian airline in which two less than three hundred persons were murdered. It was done by a Russian missile which was fired from Russia, or right over the Ukrainian border with Russia, by Russian operatives. The plane came down in pieces over Eastern Ukraine. The scene of the carnage is spread upwards of five miles in length over Ukrainian farm land and wheat fields.

Yesterday President Obama said: “Evidence must not be tampered with. Investigators need to access the crash site”

He is doing that because as he said: “there has to be a credible international investigation into what happened.”  It is clear what the president of the United States is demanding.  Now to my way of thinking that is drawing a red line. 

The Inability To Tell The Truth: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

(1) putin and merkelClose to 300 people (including up to 80 children) flying on vacation or business from Amsterdam to Malaysia were murdered by a Russian missile. Here’s the big problem all the nations are facing: the vehicle which launched the missile is in Russia. It is highly probably that it was launched by Russian military forces.  The United States and the rest of the world has to figure out how to handle this rogue nation.

Much of the media is reporting the missile was fired by Ukrainian separatists in the civil war in Ukraine. That is wrong. First there is no civil war. It is an attack on Eastern Ukraine by Russian forces and Russian sponsored forces. The tanks, artillery and other heavy military equipment come in from Russia.

(2) ukraine airplaneThese aren’t Ukrainian separatists. The people in charge of the fighters are Russian citizens. One leader is a former KGB officer who also served in the Russian military intelligence service.

The Strange Dealings of Globe & Red Sox Owner John Henry.

2009 11 15_3933The owner of the Red Sox also is the owner of the Boston Globe. You’re probably saying to yourself so what. It’s really no big deal that the Globe’s sports department will always paint the Red Sox a rosy red, after all it is only a game, so whether it tells the story from a Red Sox perspective rather than a neutral view no one really cares because, as homers, we’re glad it is cheering for the team the same way as the rest of us even if to do so it has to distort the news to keep in the good graces of the owner.

Lately it seems that there’s more to the dual ownership than just telling us stories about the players and the outcome of the games on the field. It is that the Red Sox are more than just the team we all want to win; it’s really a business for its owner. He is using the team to make money for himself but also doing it in a less than salubrious way.