About the Author

Ipone Picture July 4 2012 828_edited-2The author of this blog is a former Marine officer and a criminal trial attorney. The first part of his career was as a defense attorney in a small Boston law firm. Clients included the top Boston Mafia figures, a defendant in the first wiretap case tried in Massachusetts, and the Boston School Committee in the famous school busing case.

He left the firm to become a prosecutor. He rose to the top position his office. He has tried every type felony from murder on down. He specialized in electronic investigations and as well as arson prosecutions. He conducted and oversaw more undercover  electronic surveillance than all others prosecutors in the Commonwealth combined during his career.

The author lived in the Old Harbor Village Housing Project during the time Whitey Bulger lived there. As a prosecutor Whitey Bulger’s criminal network was a target of his electronic surveillance. The author has written the authoritative book on the criminal trial of Whitey Bulger’s long-time F.B.I. handler John Connolly called, “Don’t Embarrass the Family.”  He has followed Whitey’s case for over a year and through the trial. During that time he posted on various other topics affecting the criminal justice system and other matters that concern the American people.

Retired now living close by the sea, the author’s expertise is far beyond that of an academic or newspaper reporter. It gives him the insight and ability to give a more accurate take on law and order and to expose the bias and prejudice of many who covered the case.

Originally a blog about the biggest criminal trial in Boston history, the author continues the blog with the help of fantastic and insightful commentators  on matters both in the criminal justice system and in America in general.


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