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Originally dedicated to the vagaries of matters involving Whitey Bulger and the FBI but now expanded into more general topics.

TTTT - Trekking Toward The Truth – A Journey With Others Over The Road Less Traveled

The Order To Begin The Whitey Bulger Trial

IMG_3938Posted today is the following order:

Full docket text for document 954:

ELECTRONIC NOTICE OF HEARING as to James J. Bulger Jury Selection set for 6/4/2013 09:00 AM in Courtroom 11 before Judge Denise J. Casper. Jury Selection set for 6/5/2013 09:00 AM in Courtroom 11 before Judge Denise J. Casper. Jury Selection set for 6/6/2013 08:45 AM in Courtroom 11 before Judge Denise J. Casper. Jury Selection set for 6/7/2013 08:45 AM in Courtroom 11 before Judge Denise J. Casper. (Hourihan, Lisa)

The Washington Post Wakes Up – What About Our Local Media

IMG_3955In an unusual event, the Washington Post has called upon the FBI to quickly explain what happened in the Todashev killing.

Strange to say none of our local papers have any interest in doing this even though the events surrounding it arise out of the Marathon Terrorist Attack (MTA), involve a triple murder in an neighborhood adjacent to Boston, had two Massachusetts state troopers as witnesses and are otherwise of great local concern. Is it simply that our local media is incapable of finding anything wrong with the way the FBI operates. That seems to be the case. We should wonder why?

The Boston media does seem to have a much too close relationship with the FBI. Where are the local papers clamoring for an answer in the Mark Rossetti case that mirrored the Whitey Bulger situation. The FBI has been investigating for two years why in 2011 it was replicating what it did with Whitey Bulger after it said back around 2000 it had discontinued doing those things. No local media says that two years investigating what happened in your own offices is an outrageous slap in the face of the public.

The silence is very telling. But that response pales in comparison to the response to the MTA attack. The Boston Globe has been hammering away at the MTA since the day it happened providing much good coverage. It’s hoping to get a Pultizer Prize out of its hard work. But it has shown itself to be woefully deficient in one aspect of its story. It has not held the FBI’s feet to the fire to get the answers that are crucial for us to begin to understand what happened.

The Washington Post demands an accounting from the FBI for what happened in Orlando Florida where a young Chechen man was murdered. The Boston Globe sits silently and lets the FBI hide what happened both before the MTA and afterwards. It seems not to have a curiosity about the FBI’s actions. It lets the FBI walk away from any accountability. It should like the Washington Post demand some answers to the many questions about the FBI’s actions.

But there’s not one word of criticism nor demand for an answer. It’s as if the FBI was faultless in its operation and that there was no way it could have stopped the MTA nor any other way to identify the suspects other than broadcasting their faces to the world and sending them off into a panicky flight that ended in the death of a young police officer and the shutting down of a city, something never before done in America, with an order that people”shelter in” while police dressed as storm troopers descended upon neighborhoods demanding entry into private homes.

I’ve suggested the FBI should have told us about Todashev’s killing which happened in front of at least six police officers within hours of its happening. What is there to investigate? You’ve got all the police witnesses who can tell you what they saw, you’ve got a dead man with seven bullet holes in him, you have the gun or guns that fired those bullets. Tell us what happened – or what the police witnesses said had happened. You don’t need to send cover-up teams out of Washington,DC to tell us this story.

It really is outrageous that Todashev has been dead for ten days and not one local paper found it unusual the FBI is still trying to come up with a story. Even though the Washington Post finally finding the courage to speak out said: “The FBI said that it takes the incident “very seriously,” that it is reviewing the events internally with its “time-tested” procedures and that it is doing so “expeditiously.” But the curious circumstances and conflicting, anonymous explanations suggest that standard procedure might not be sufficient.”

The FBI’s time-tested procedure is to cover-up the facts; expeditiously means when people forget what happened. I credit the Washington post with having the courage to speak up, but it sort of wimps out at the end with the suggestion “that standard procedure might not be sufficient.” What is tragic it also buys into the idea that the homicide of a man in a room in front of at least six cops takes ten days to figure out what happened.

What has happened to basic honesty in America.? Will you ever believe what now comes out?

One final point – we may be told Todashev confessed to the Waltham triple homicides. When I wrote my book Don’t Embarrass The Family I recommended that all FBI interviews (or interrogations) be recorded. For all times the FBI’s allegation that Todashev’s confessed will be doubted because it had no recording. Had it only thrown off its corrupt policy not to record its interviews we’d have no doubt what happened.

Whitey Bulger’s Witness List Kicks Up The Excitement

IMG_2637I was talking to a lawyer yesterday about the FBI and the Tobashev killing and he replied after listening to me for a bit: “What happened to Whitey Bulger?”  I immediately knew what he meant. I’ve wandered off track again. So it’s best I get back on the job especially since the jury will start to be impaneled in less than a week.

Here’s what’s just happened. The prosecutor and defense counsel have filed dueling witness lists. On the basis of numbers alone the prosecutor’s 83 names of witnesses it intends to call is 5 more than the number the defendant proposes to call. But, the prosecutor indicated that it may not call all 83 while the defendant reserved the right to call more than his 78 or, like the prosecutor, to call less.

Scanning the prosecutors list one has difficulty restraining a yawn. The prosecution side of the case can always be tedious because you don’t have many witnesses who have some character to them. You must go through all the steps of trying to build a case by laying brick after brick to establish each of the elements of each crime charged; the defense has more fun in trying to pull the bricks out after the prosecutor puts them in trying to weaken the building.

Roughly speaking  there will be only a handful of prosecution witnesses worth listening to. But before I tell who they are, I hope I’m not going to see in this case what I saw in John Connolly’s which was the prosecutor asking leading questions throughout his examination of his witness limiting his witnesses to a simple yes or no answer. I hope Carney and Brennan (C&B) make the witnesses testify and not let the prosecutor testify for them.

Worth listening to on the prosecution side will be the testimony of John Martorano and Kevin Weeks who have written books which means C&B have a cornucopia filled with devastating arrows to sling at them; the shameless gray mouse John Morris who will go through his crying routine and I expect C&B will do a tenacious job working him over as Whitey’s dinner companion and prying into how much money he really got from Whitey; and, Stephen Flemmi,  who looked every bit the old out-of-touch senior citizen during the Florida case against Connolly. I hope C&B explore his relationship with Dick Schneiderhan the state cop who fed him information. Aside from those four the rest of the witnesses are law enforcement and forensic types, families of the alleged victims, and minor criminal people who tithed to Whitey like bookies or drug dealers. There may be a little wake up cross-examination during this time.

Then we look at the defendant’s witness list and we see how much more exciting it will be when these witnesses are called. Top echelon informant Sammy Berkowitz handled  by John Morris will be brought in to undermine Morris’s testimony; then the one I’m most waiting to see on the stand, Howie Carr.  Imagine Howie having to sit there while C&B tear him apart using him to impeach Martorano and Flemmi while Whitey Bulger and Billy Bulger look on. You just know C&B will have to go after him hard. We’ll see him paying mightily for his acting the clown behind Billy at the Congressional hearing.   Got to believe he’ll find some way to get out of this because he’s not known for his courage.  They’ll be crowds lined up to the Old Herald Building waiting to see this show. Maybe the feds could rent out the Boston Garden (I know that’s not the right name but I’m not a Bruin or basketball fan and haven’t been to the circus, rodeo or ice follies there since I was a kid so I’m not sure what it’s called now), charge steep admission for each day C&B take Howie over the coals, and they’ll recover some of the money they are paying for C&B to do their job properly.

But it doesn’t stop there. Also on the list is Jack Cloherty former FBI agent who was John Connolly’s partner;  Janice Connolly who Weeks said he’d throw her body in a landfill if she broke up with him; Gerry O’Neill, Dick Lehr (who calls himself Whitey’s biographer), Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy Boston Globe reporters who wrote books on Whitey will be asked about how they got their information from the feds and how much they paid Sunday to get Whitey’s letters and asked about their other sources. I’d not to like having C&B holding a book I wrote and grilling me on it. They’re going to find their witness chair heating up and their fed buddies sitting helplessly by. They could never have figured it’d come to this. They can only hope their news papers will go easy on them but with the Internet the usual cover-up won’t work.

Then they’re going to have Stevie’s brother Michael Flemmi testify. Mike a former Boston cop ended up doing time in prison for trying to hide Stevie’s warehouse of arms; and another exciting witness, former FBI agent Robert Fitzpatrick who was busted down from an assistant agent in charge to a brick agent by his job who also wrote a book about his exploits and who disclosed to the Boston Globe that Whitey was an informant. That’ll be a highlight almost as good as Howie Carr. Then we get Phyllis Karas who wrote the book with Kevin Weeks and Eddie MacKenzie. She’ll have a lot to tell us.  We’ll hear from Mike Huff the Tulsa , Oklahoma detective who testified in front of Congress and see how well he holds up in front of an unfriendly questioner.

Throw in FBI Director Robert Mueller, Judge Richard Stearns, and Governor William Weld. Then sprinkle this with the Justice Department fixer David Margolis the J. Edgar Hoover of the Justice Department, top it all off with some shaved white chocolate in the form of Patrick Nee, another book writer, who may be up to his ears in more murders than one could imagine and we’ll hear why he hasn’t been chased down. Top it off with the three Rakes sisters who’ll call their brother a liar; and add in my old friends Paul Snow and John Pappalardo and other exciting witnesses.

I’m telling you if C&B are up to their game, this is going to be the show of shows.  Words can’t describe how great it will be at bringing out the truth. And my friends, that is all we are after although we don’t mind an exciting ride getting to it.





The Mysterious FBI Investigation or Is It An FBI Cover-Up

2013 France-3000_1800Margaret Hartmann in the New York Magazine sets it out pretty concisely and well: The report last week that FBI agents shot and killed Ibragim Todashev just as he was about to sign a confession implicating himself and Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in an unsolved 2011 triple-homicide was already pretty bizarre, and on Wednesday night it got even weirder.” 

FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said:  “The FBI takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents and as such we have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them internally. The review process is thorough and objective and conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances.”  

FBI spokesman Bresson added “the department can not confirm details of the investigation while it remains active.”

The FBI internal investigation into why Mark Rossetti a man believed to have been involved in up to six homicides and was a Mafia capo was a Top Echelon Informant began in the summer of 2011. It is still continuing over 20 months later.

How long will this investigation take? Perhaps this is the reason for the delay.

Margaret Hartmann now reports:  law enforcement sources tell the Washington Post that Todashev was actually unarmed” She continues: “Two officials confirmed to the Post that Todashev was unarmed, and one said that he lunged at the agent and overturned a table. An official told the Wall Street Journal that the agent was possibly cut by a piece of furniture during the altercation, and the knife story might have been sparked by confusion about a decorative samurai sword that was hanging on the wall.”  

Sounds logical, doesn’t it.  There’s a room with upwards of a dozen cops and a suspect in it and all the cops get confused thinking that the guy took a decorative samurai sword off the wall and attacked an FBI agent and only later realized the sword was not removed from the wall.

The story keeps changing. We get balloons but we don’t get the truth. First we hear the guy who was killed had a knife, then a pipe, then a blade, then a sword, and now no weapon but perhaps he was lunging at the agent to get her gun. Sadly, a guy’s dead and we don’t know the first thing about it from the FBI. I know he was a Muslim so to many it doesn’t matter but to those who want America not to fall into a police state it should. We should not be subject to silence until the “investigation” is over.

We also shouldn’t be in a game of numbers. 12 cops (maybe more or less but at least 6) in a room for an unknown number of hours questioning a man about something or other who end up shooting this unarmed guy. We don’t even know those simple facts of how many cops were there or how long. We don’t know the name of the agent who did the killing. There are basic facts that should have been told. That they weren’t shows a total disregard for the public and the deceased.

7 days and continuing. An incident that happened in an apartment in the presence of all those cops is still being investigated. It should have taken 7 hours. The FBI cares less that it appears this is being massaged and sanded and manipulated. It has done it over and over again coming up with its own version long afterwards. Why have all the other cops who were there been ordered not to tell what happened? Or why have some cops put out through other cops what now appears to be lies?

Is this what we want an America where a man can be killed and no one will know how the killing took place until all the ducks are lined up?

Here are two more numbers you should consider, 7 and 1. Todashev was shot 7 times; 1 bullet was in the back of his head which seems more like something John Martorano would do than a room full of cops.

And as for being involved in the triple homicide to which he’s confessed, how about this little tidbit of information given to us by Margaret Hartmann. “Todashev‘s widow, Reniya Manukyan, said he wasn’t very close with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and insisted that her husband wasn’t involved in the triple murder in Waltham, Massachusetts. Manukyan said she has records that prove her husband was with her in Atlanta on the night of the crime. “We want to know why it happened,” she added. “We want to know what is the truth.”

Welcome to the new America where no one seems particularly upset that the FBI can’t tell us what happened in a room full of cops when an unarmed man is shot in the back of the head for over a week. It seems to go along with everything else we’ve learned about the FBI since we started taking a closer look at it. And by the way, we’re also waiting for the answers to our questions surrounding its action before and after the Marathon Terrorist Attack.




John Bologna The Mirror Image Of Whitey Bulger – FBI – A Few Big Lies – (9)


The New York FBI brought John Bologna into its fold and protected him. His story is told by a reporter from far out in the west of Massachusetts, Stephanie Barry of the Springfield Republican newspaper. She has been covering the 2003 murder of Alfredo “Big Al” Bruno who was born in Bracigliano, Italy, and worked his way up to be the Mafia kingpin in the Springfield area.

Bruno was the frequent racquetball partner of the Hampden County DA Matty Ryan. Matty used to show up every year at the State House at the DA budget hearings and yell and scream at the legislators claiming that they were not properly funding his office. When the budget came out they proved his point.

Stephanie Barry reported that the prosecutors filed a 34-page summary that “offers a fascinating picture of a mobster whom investigators have previously gone to great lengths to protect.” Unlike with the Whitey/Connolly/Flemmi relationship, we aren’t informed of the identity of the FBI handlers of Bologna.

Court records submitted in advance of his sentencing document Bologna was an informant for 17 years, longer than Whitey, while ascending through the ranks of the Gambino, then the Genovese crime families. He ultimately landed in the latter’s inner circle. Bologna helped plot murders, orchestrated shakedowns and manipulated the entire crime landscape in Greater Springfield from 2001 to 2003 according to the prosecutors.

As a long-time associate of the Gambino Mafia Organized Crime Family from the 1970s to the 1990s he helped run large-scale bookmaking operations and aided in the corrupt control of the garbage industry. He switched teams to align with Genovese Mafia family boss Arthur “Artie” Nigro in 1999.

He became Nigro’s “right-hand-man” in overseeing rackets in New York and beyond. He helped plot murders, orchestrated shakedowns and manipulated the entire crime landscape in Greater Springfield from 2001 to 2003. He worked with Nigro until Nigro was jailed on extortion charges in 2006. Nigro is now serving a life sentence after being convicted in 2011 in connection with the Bruno murder and other crimes

Bologna pled guilty on charges brought in connection with the Bruno murder including conspiracy to murder Bruno. The prosecutors said he didn’t give the order to murder Bruno but knew he knew full well that the order had been given. When the guys who were supposed to do it weren’t moving fast enough, Bologna told them to “do what they had been told to do” in carrying out the murder, the prosecutor’s memo states.

When Bologna pled guilty in 2009  he was allowed release with no bail, as he continued to cooperate. His deal only began to unravel in earnest when another of those implicated in Bruno’s murder began to cooperated and it appeared Bologna had been evasive and left out critical details of his own involvement in several schemes. This person said Bologna was the instigator for a good deal of the tension that arose in Springfield pitting mobsters against each other, and creating strife where none had previously existed.

One interesting note is that Massachusetts state police went to the New York FBI looking for information on Bologna. They had started surveilling Bologna who was hanging around Springfield. After making that inquiry, they noticed that Bologna had mysteriously and abruptly stopped coming to Springfield. State police said they suspected a leak but had no idea Bologna’s was an informant. The U.S. attorney’s memo, as expected, did not address that aspect of the case.

Bologna’s ten or so years younger than Whitey. Whitey criminal career as a gangster started after he got out of prison probably in the late 1960s and ran until 1995; Bologna’s ran from the 1970s to 2009, and probably until after 2011 about the same length of  time. Whitey may have been an informant 15 years; Bologna 17. Bologna was in the Mafia, Whitey on his own.

Bologna was in on the planning of the murder of a Mafia boss in Springfield, As the right hand man of a Mafia boss of the Genovese and an up and comer in the Gambino family you know he was as vicious as Whitey. He planned many murders. The FBI went to great lengths to protect him including tipping him off that the state police were watching him.

I’m sure if we could look into the FBI file on Bologna we’d see things were done for him in the same manner things were done for Whitey and Stevie. I’m almost positive there were guys who were willing to give Bologna up who are no longer with us. I’d ask the same question about Bologna that many have asked about Whitey, how is it he could have operated so openly and for so long without having been put in prison. I’d like to know how many people around him were that lucky.

You’ve heard of John Gotti. He was the leader of the Gambino family. You can look up the records and see how many murders they were involved in. Then go check out the Genovese family. How many of those did Bologna bring about after learning information from the FBI?

The point is the situation with Whitey is not unique to the FBI nor is the situation with Connolly’s handling of him. If we could see the FBI files on its Top Echelon  informants we’d see that. But what we’ve seen is only one file and have jumped to the conclusion that it is unique. How can we possibly do that without seeing the others yet that is what we have done.

Common sense and the little else we’ve been able to learn is that Whitey was no more than a common run-of-the-mill Top Echelon informant. Connolly did for him what every other FBI agent has done for his Top Echelon informant. It’s just that we’ve been taught otherwise like the ancients believed the sun revolved around the earth because that was what they were told.


Quick Note: Your FBI At Work – The Same Old Same Old

cropped-2013-France-3000_1746.jpgPatty & MS tell me that ABC News will show us our modern day FBI in action.

It’s a Russian gangster who had been involved in a murder or two who has been protected by the FBI for many years.  Another FBI Top Echelon Informant; another matter the FBI will have “to investigate.”

“Tune in tonight to “World News With Diane Sawyer” at 6:30 p.m. ET and “Nightline” 12:35 a.m. ET for ABC News’ full investigation into The Murder, The Mobster and the FBI.”


If One Motive Fails They’ll Come Up With Another Motive


Billy Sunday Talking About The Devil - We'll Hear From His Namesake Dick Sunday

I’ve shown how the theory that it was on the anniversary of 9/11 that the three men were murdered on Waltham and given the significance of that date that the murders was probably done by a person who was a Muslim extremist was wrong because the murders took place on 9/12. Since that post some have suggested that the murder did take place on 9/11 and the bodies were discovered on 9/12. That may be the case and not having the evidence I can not answer that.

However the reason I don’t believe it had anything to do with 9/11/2001 is that an anniversary attack meant as a follow up to a famous event will not be done in secret. It will be publicized as being a follow up to the earlier event. If not, why do it?

The FBi though has to connect Tamerlan Tsarnaev into the triple homicide even though the theory of a connection to 9/11/2001 doesn’t follow because his friend Ibragim Todashev was killed by an FBI agent.

Without Tamerlan you can’t have Todashev. This is because we’ve been  informed by the media of this strange story. That upwards of a dozen law enforcement officials raided the apartment went to the apartment of Todashev and while there he confessed to murdering three people in Waltham.

Now here’s a strange thing from my perspective. A confession is valid and admissible into evidence whether it is verbal or written. If I go up to a cop and tell him that I was the one who held up the liquor store the previous night the cop can arrest me and testify as to what I told him. Of course, if there were two cops there when I confessed that would be better and make the case stronger. If I went into the police station at a change of shift and confessed that in front of 12 cops that would be super as far as any prosecutor was concerned.  Well that’s what we are told Todashev did.

But for some strange reason that was not enough. The dozen or so cops wanted him to sign a written confession. This is after six or eight hours of continual interrogation conversation. Although he freely admitted it verbally, being asked to write it down made him freak out and he attacked an FBI agent with a knife or something else.

The above is the best I can put together since everyone has clammed up. The FBI, the Massachusetts state police and the Orlando police all refuse to tell us how a person was killed. No one seems to think this is strange that a person can be a victim of homicide in his own apartment and no one will step up to the plate and tell us what happened. This indeed shows the FBI’s power to intimidate and control. When the Orlando police chief was asked what happened he said the reporters had to talk to the FBI. He had guys there but they can’t tell us what happened unless the FBI clears it.

Here’s what we think we know. Todashev had been questioned several times by the FBI since April 19, 2013. He was visited by the FBI sometime during the evening of Tuesday, May 21, 2013. He was shot down by the FBI in the early morning hours of Wednesday, May 22, 2013. The rest is pure conjecture. You can be killed in the USA by a law enforcement officer and no one has the right to know what happened right afterwards even though a dozen police officers witnessed the killing.

We do have some things we can learn from the repeaters who have covered the story. But they don’t seem to do other than repeat what they are told without analyzing. An NBC news article reported that an unknown number of FBI agents, Massachusetts state police, and Orlando police went to visit Tobashev. That means there were at least six cops there, probably more like a dozen.

Now get this. The NBC story was originally published on Wed May 22, 2013 4:53 PM EDT  probably within 12 hours of the killing.  It differed from the murder to commemorate 9/11 story.

NBC reported that law enforcement sources told them Todashev confessed to the triple homicide in Waltham. But knowing what we know today, it is clear these sources were putting out false information. We know this because the sources also suggest the reason for the triple homicide was a drug ripoff gone wrong.

The initial investigation of the triple homicide always worked around the idea of a drug related killing, not necessarily a ripoff. Drugs along with a large amount of cash was found in the apartment. I’ve read that marijuana was sprinkled over the bodies. These NBC sources must have felt it was best to continue with that theory and to implicate Todashev in the murders and did not mention the connection to 9/11.

I’ve pointed out before that one of the problems with that theory was that there was a lot of cash left around. Given the financial situation of Tamerlan and Todashev it seems unlikely they would have left money behind. Guys who didn’t need money such as big time drug dealers would be more likely to do that.

Here’s what NBC said its law enforcement sources said: “what began as a drug ripoff ended in a triple homicide when Tamerlan Tsarnaev and friend Ibragim Todashev realized their victims would later be able to identify them.”

Here’s the problem with that invention. It is clear that these NBC law enforcement sources didn’t know that Tamerlan and Brendan Mess, whose apartment the murders occurred in and who was one of the victims, were close friends. A close friend doesn’t suddenly realize his close friend would identify him. He’d know all along that his friend would know who he was.

And given Tamerlan’s relationship with Brendan Mess it is far-fetched to suggest he’d be ripping his friend off. People who knew them said there was no indication of any hostility. The true bottom line is there is no evidence that Tamerlan had anything to do with the murders.

The media has implicated Tamerlan because the murders took place on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. But even if they did they probably had no connection. It also sought to  implicate Tamerlan because he was doing a drug ripoff of a close friend who he thought wouldn’t know him, which is absurd.  We can only wonder what theory will be spun out next.

We are told Tamerlan’s phone number was in Brendan Mess’s phone log which would be expected; we’re told there is some DNA evidence Tamerlan was at Mess’s apartment which one would expect since he often frequented it.  What we are not told is why Tamerlan would want to kill one of his few close friends. And if he didn’t, both theories to date having been proven wrong, we are not told why an FBI agent would want to kill Ibragim Todashev.

The Secret Story Of Another Whitey – FBI – A Few Big Lies – (8)

DSC_1239_0959Those who have closely followed these matters know that what happened in the Whitey case with John Connolly was supposed to be an outlier. We were told it was one in those once in a lifetime events.  It was pointed out that one of the major things was the happenstance that both were boyhood friends. We were supposed to overlook the eleven years in age that separated them. You knew they grew up in South Boston, and you’ve heard all about that place, Southie, which the prosecutor said was one of the reasons for Connolly’s downfall.

You understand that the result of their working together was the reputation of the FBI was unfairly shredded. However we were comforted to understand that once this rogue agent Connolly was rounded up and corralled things would go back to normal. The fetid atmosphere of the FBI Boston office caused by Connolly having been exposed would be cleansed.

It was back in 2002 that Connolly was led out of court shackled. We felt happy knowing we’d never see such a thing again. Books were written to tell us about this. One exclaimed : “The Irish Mob, The FBI and the Devil’s Deal.”

I’ve suggested the above story which has been handed down to us from one newspaper reporter to another on Connolly is basically false. Start with the boyhood Southie stories. They didn’t know each other until Whitey was in his mid-thirties. Go on to the idea that what Connolly did was something unusual, it wasn’t.

What Connolly did was part of the FBI’s plan to fight organized crime. It was based on the idea that if you can’t beat them you join them, or as the FBI likes to think of it, they join you even though they are allowed to continue their criminal ways. The Devil’s Deal had nothing to do with Connolly. It was necessitated by the creation in the late 1960s of the FBI’s Top Echelon Informant program in response to being told it had to follow the law and not break into places and secretly plant electronic listening devices without court authorization.

In response the FBI came up with a harebrain idea to partner up with some gangsters in order to get other gangsters. Those gangsters and the FBI became pals. The FBI gave them special treatment such as making sure they were not prosecuted and were protected and kept safe. They were of no value to the FBI under indictment or in prison. They had to be free to provide information and to commit crimes as they had always done.

This historical  part of the Connolly-Flemmi-Bulger relationship is basically ignored. Connolly is written about as if he created the Top Echelon Program. We were fooled into thinking that it was happening nowhere else.

The reason we were led to  believe this is that only one FBI office in the nation has been compelled to disclose its Top Echelon informants. That is Boston. We know nothing about the deals done in other FBI offices throughout the nation.

That changed. Very recently we learned about the New York FBI and the Springfield Massachusetts FBI dealings with John Bologna. These FBI offices were not required to open up their files as in Boston. But because Bologna was implicated in serious criminal activity and charged, it had to set out some of his background in a sentencing memorandum in order to come to his aid.

John Bologna was a Mafia associate for many years and then an FBI informant; I assume he was a Top Echelon informant. At some point he became an FBI cooperating witness.  The difference between those two categories is the identity of the informant remains a secret but that of the cooperating witness is disclosed.

That’s how the FBI classifies people who cooperate with it. It is an important distinction since the cooperating witness knows at some point she will have her identity revealed where an informant can depend upon the FBI keeping her secret forever. The FBI is good at doing that so we never know the identity of their informants which is as it should be. The problem is the FBI often joins up with the big fish to catch the little fish.

What is needed is some type of outside check on the type of people it uses to join its team. Even though the FBI has rules regarding the use of informant, it routinely ignores them. We need someone to insure that ceases

There are few documented times the FBI has gone back on its sacred promise to an informant who has worked with it. One notable exception occurred in the case involving Whitey Bulger. His status as an informant was first disclosed when two FBI agents, John Morris and Robert Fitzpatrick, turned their back on the long FBI tradition of honoring its promise of secrecy. They were lured by Boston Globe reporters into breaching their commitment and revealed that Whitey was an informant. The Boston Globe printed this in 1988 with the knowledge that it may have led to Whitey’s murder, something Agent Morris hoped would happen.

Unlike Whitey,John Bologna knew when he became a cooperating witness his informant status would be disclosed. I would not have known of him except for a comment by Alex McCoy. We could search high and low in the Boston media before we found anything about him. Maybe it is because Springfield in Massachusetts is west of the Connecticut River that it is difficult to find out what happens out there. Or perhaps, the John Bologna story gives such lie to the Boston media’s presentation of the happenings between Whitey and Connolly as being so unique and outre that it wants to keep the Greater Boston readers in the dark.

I’ll tell more about the light Bologna shines on this case tomorrow.

How The Media Changed The Date To Come Up With A Motive For Murder.


See Update At End.

The people who come here and comment are a source of many of my thoughts. A new commenter Jamie wrote the other day and said: “So then they figure if they implicate Tsarnaevs in the Waltham murder, that will strengthen their case (interesting how the deaths are put at Sept 12, 2011 in all articles prior to the marathon bombing, but it becomes Sept 11 once Tsarnaevs are suspected):”  He then referred me to this site which was the obituary of Brendan Mess, one of the three victims in the Waltham triple murder.  That obituary noted that the death happened on September 12.

This piqued my interest. I’ve assumed the date was September 11. It seemed I read somewhere although I can’t find it now that we’ve been taught that Muslim terrorists like to use anniversary dates to conduct other attacks. For instance we had the September 11 Benghazi attack in Libya in 2012.

To me it would be significant if the triple murders took place on 9/11, then one could reasonably infer it was some type of Radical Muslim manifesto. Here is the logic that I assume the cops were following to tie Tamerlan Tsarnaev into the murders. Sometime before those murders Tamerlan had become radicalized as a Muslim. He suddenly had a desire to murder some Americans. The best time to start doing that would be on the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2011 which fell on a Sunday.

I first had to see if Jamie was right that the news media was saying September 11 as the day of the murder. I found the Globe wrote: “The Waltham slayings, carried out on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks – Sept. 11, 2011 — became a key focus for investigators, raising the possibility that Tsarnaev had turned to killing a year and a half before the Marathon bombings and opening the possibility that the attack could have been prevented if the case had been solved.”  The Globe went on in the article to note: “Instead, the brutal slaughter of three fit young men on a day fraught with symbolism to Islamic extremists has prompted families of the victims to contact prosecutors recently about the possibility that Tsarnaev was involved.”

So Tamerlan had to find a victim or victims on “a day frought with symbolism” so he decided to murder a person who some say was his close friend rather than just arbitrarily murdering someone walking down the street. That’s a stretch especially for Tamerlan because he allegedly said he had no close friend in America and he finally found one. But let’s go on. Apparently Tamerlan had to make a bigger statement than just murdering his friend, he had to add a couple of others. These were Raphael Teken, and Erik Weissman.

Unfortunately for the theory if the murders happened on September 12 it has no symbolism attached to it.

So did the triple homicide happen on the 11th or 12th? The obituary noted he died on the 12th. A Boston Globe article on September 13 stated: “Three men were found dead in a house on a quiet side street yesterday, . . . “  On September 15 in another article the Globe noted: “The men were killed at Mess’s apartment Monday afternoon. The other two men did not live there. Authorities say the slayings were targeted, and they are seeking one or more suspects. They are awaiting autopsy results.A woman whom neighbors identified as Mess’s girlfriend found the three victims covered in blood around 2:30 p.m.

Mess’s girlfriend according to the articles expected him to pick her up at the airport and when he did not appear she went to the house and found the victims. So it’s pretty clear that the suggestion that the murders occurring on the tenth anniversary of September 11th is a fiction made up by the news media.

So how do we tie Tamerlan into the triple homicide if that theory is bust?  And by that extension, how is Tobashev involved if Tamerlan isn’t?

Another reason to implicate him according to some articles is that Mess’s girlfriend (who has been identified as Hilda Eltilib) who discovered the bodies said she and her friends were surprised that Tamerlan didn’t show up to mourn Mess at the wake on September 18 or the memorial service on September 19. I’ve never heard of that as being indicative one way or the other of guilt. I know people who couldn’t show up at their friend’s wakes or funerals for many different reasons and never suspected they might have been involved in their death.

There is however another theory that came out quickly after the killing of Todashev to implicate Tamerlan.  I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Update:  One person who commented here noted that the murders may have taken places on the night of 9/11. That is something that should be considered since I cannot exclude that possibility on the evidence that I have seen. If that is the case then there may be a 9/11 connection but I’d still doubt it because first, the idea behind memorializing an event is to make it known publicly which was never done here, that is the murders weren’t in anyway connected with 9/11/2001; and, it makes no sense for Tamerlan to be killing one of his closest friends.  I still lean to a drug deal gone wrong.

America I Hardly Knew Ya – FBI – A Few Bad Ideas – (7)


Big Brother Is Watching You – Whether You Like It Or Not

The day after the High Holiday of Socialism Tim Clemente a former FBI agent in the counter-terrorism unit appeared on the show hosted by Carol Costello. (As kids our Costello friends told us they were Irish. We only knew of Frank Costello & Lou Costello who were Italians. We never knew what side of the then important Italian/Irish divide our friends really stood.)

Yesterday I told how Clemente on May 1, 2013 spoke to Erin Burnett on CNN and talked about the Big Vacuum (BV) used by Big Brother  (BB) that sucks in every American conversation and stores it for future use. It should have been an astounding revelation to any American but judging from the media coverage no one seemed to get particularly worked up about it. It is business as usual in 9/11 America and perhaps one of the reason’s the FBI can get away with stonewalling its involvement in the Tamerlan Affair.

I did suggest that given time to think it over his statement Clemente may have  wanted to go back on CNN to retract his assertion about the BV.  Here’s what happened:

Costello: “OK. Let’s turn our attention now to the phone call between Katherine Russell and her husband Tamerlan Tsarnaev. You said something very interesting on Erin Burnett’s show last night. You said that if Katherine Russell does not divulge the contents of this phone call, that the FBI had other methods finding out what was said. What did you mean by that?”

Tim Clemente: “Well, on the national security side of the house in the federal government, we have assets. There’s lots of assets at our disposal throughout the intelligence community, and also not just domestically but overseas. Those assets allow us to gain information and intelligence on things that we can’t use ordinarily in a criminal investigation but are used for major terrorism investigations or counterintelligence investigations.”

Costello: “And you’re not talking about a voicemail right? What are you talking about exactly?”

Tim Clemente:  “I’m talking about all digital communications are – there’s a way to look at digital communications in the past. And I can’t go into detail of how that’s done, or what’s done. But I can tell you that no digital communication is secure. And so these communications will be found out, the conversation will be known. And it’s just a question of whether or not Katherine Russell decides to own up to what was said prior to that information being known or after the fact. And it’ll be unfortunate for her if she doesn’t own up to it completely and fully because the facts of this case, the facts of her involvement and communication with her husband, will be known.”

I know, I know, we’re good guys so we think it’s just swell that the government keeps everything and can go back and find out what the bad guys were talking about. And, of course, the government will only use that information in a proper manner.

Here’s my little example of how the FBI used that type of information in the past.

It was coming up to the spring of my senior year in college. I thought it would be cool to visit Cuba during spring break. This was before Castro became a notorious anti-American. I wrote to Fidel asking him if it’d be all right if I and some fraternity brothers spent a week or so on his island. We were a little short of cash and hoped Fidel would share some of his new-found riches with us by putting us up in one of those luxurious gangster hotels he had recently seized and giving us a tour of the town.

A short time after writing I was called into the Dean of Discipline’s office. He knew that one of Castro’s aides had written back to me inviting me to come. I had not received the letter at that time. The FBI had opened it (then it had an illegal mail opening program) and notified the Dean of my college that I had been invited.  The Dean told if I, or my friends, went to Cuba none of us would be allowed to graduate.

That’s just one wrongful intrusion into someone’s life that affected it in some small manner. But is does tell us of the enormous power our secret police force has to effectively control everyone in America when it has access to all our conversations. Apply for a job, then your employer may be given select transcripts of your conversations of years ago. Seek a loan, the bank may have access to your prior financial discussions. Back in 2010 the Washington Post reported that Every day, collection systems at the National Security Agency intercept and store 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls and other types of communications.”

Unfortunately, the FBI, and other secret government agencies, ignore the 4th Amendment. We are no longer secure in our papers and effects. For that we are much less than we should be. After 9/11 we gave the government a smile  and it took our private lives. I think about what is happening today and I sometimes think America I hardly knew ya.