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Whitey Bulger’s Mysterious Move

Catherine Greig spent 16  years on the run with Whitey.  Before that she spent a much longer time as his girl friend competing with Theresa Stanley.  Catherine, as previously mentioned, has just been hit with an 8 year bit.  She’ll get out in her late 60’s.

One thing for sure is if Whitey isn’t under the grass at that time he won’t be walking on it.  He’ll still be in the can.  His trial in Boston won’t start ’til next summer.  It’ll take six months if it takes a day.  J. Carney has a good two months of cross-examination of Weeks and Martorano just from the books they wrote.  Then he’ll have at Howie Carr for a few days just for laughs.

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Most Wanted – A Whitey Book

Tom Foley was a Massachusetts state trooper who rose through the ranks to become a colonel in charge of the 2,300 person force.

I met him a couple of times.  I always believed Tom was one of the best cops that went after Bulger.  There was no question about his dedication and integrity.

He wrote a book Most Wanted.   It mainly tells how the FBI went about undermining everything that he tried to do to catch Whitey.  It is worth reading to get a feel for how out of control the FBI has been and continues to be.

We have a disagreement over one big event in his life when he was a young trooper.  In fact, during the Wolf hearings he stood back when Flemmi testified to it when he knew was false.  I hoped that he would address it.

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American Justice: Catherine Greig vs. Kevin Weeks

I’ll discuss the American Justice system along with events relating to Whitey’s upcoming trial on Mondays.

The players:

2012:   Catherine Greig:    Sixty One Years Old  –  From South Boston.  She pleads guilty to three counts of non violent crimes conspiracy to harbor a fugitive, identity fraud and conspiracy to commit identity fraud.  Prior to this time she had no record and no known involvement in criminal activities.  Known to be Whitey Bulger’s girlfriend.

Sentence:     Eight Years in Prison

2004:   Kevin Weeks:  Forty Eight Years Old – from South Boston.  He pleads guilty to indictments charging him with Racketeering Conspiracy, Racketeering, Extortion Conspiracy, Extortion, and Money Laundering Conspiracy.   Prior to that time Weeks led a life of crime and admitted he had aided and abetted at least five murders.  Known to be Whitey Bulger’s top deputy and strong arm thug.

Sentence:   Six Years in Prison

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Books About Whitey


      O quam cito transit gloria mundi.



There are several books that have been written about the incidents involving Whitey.  Some are good.  Some not so.  I’ll be commenting on them as we move along so that the record is kept straight.  I’ll try to do that on Sundays.

I’ve mentioned Billy’s book White the Music Lasts.  It was written at the time of the height of his power and influence, just as he was moving from being president of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Senate to president of the University of Massachusetts.   Billy, the Classic’s scholar,  must have forgotten it is a dangerous hill from which to write about oneself.


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William “Billy” Bulger – Whitey’s Younger Brother

Billy wrote a book: While The Music Lasts, My Life in Politics.

Billy lived in the Old Harbor Village as a kid.  Like with many things the name of the place has been changed because some politician had the power to name it after a relative.  The person with the power was John William McCormack the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1962 to 1971 who decided his mother’s name should be affixed to it.  It is now McCormack Housing Project.  The name always grated at me.  I always preferred thinking of it as a village rather than a project.

Billy in his book tells about the cops looking for someone who broke a street light.  That was a big event back in those days in the Village.  The cops impounded the neighborhood basketball and wouldn’t release it until someone squealed on the culprit.  All the kids who knew the miscreant’s identity were upset but kept their silence.  The stalemate ended when another light was broken.

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Whitey Bulger’s Immunity Deal

Whitey‘s lawyers fired first their first salvo.  According to an article on by Martin Finucane and Travis Andersen entitled “A License To Kill,” Whitey’s claiming he had a deal with the Feds that gave him to immunity for all his criminal actions.

Did he?    A soon to be published book: “Don’t Embarrass The Family –  The Trial of Whitey Bulger’s FBI Handler” tells about the immunity deal he alleged he had with the FBI and the deal the FBI said it had with him.

Don’t be so ready to scoff at Whitey’s claim.  To decide this issue alone may take years since it strikes at the heart of the FBI’s long time customs and procedures. I wonder if Whitey’s lawyers truly realize how valid it may.

By the way for all those who think Whitey’s goose is cooked, the book says don’t count on it.  Read it and see why.

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