Black Thoughts:

join or dieWould Benjamin Netanyahu have been so bold to come to America in defiance of all protocol if Barak Obama were white?  Is there some undercurrent of thought that because of his color it is all right to embarrass him. I’m at a loss to explain why he felt free to take this action.

His speech offered nothing new.  He’s been telling us the same thing for ten years: “in one year Iran will have a nuclear weapon”  He made the same argument before the United Nations in his speech last October. He’s lost much credibility among most world leaders because of his Chicken Little imitation; or is he now in the position of Aesop’s “the boy who cried wolf.”

He wants to undermine any chance of a negotiated deal. He hopes that he can force America to bomb Iran and kill countless thousands of Iranians. He wants us to be able to see photographs of Iranians like these from the Ukrainian conflict. He has the ultimate gall to come to America to humiliate our president.

Doing some reading of the state of blacks in America at the turn into the 20th Century made me wonder about that?  The freedom they gained from slavery during the Civil War was made mockery off by the Jim Crow laws that came into existence. They greatly suffered through the days of “separate but equal.”  They went off to war in both of our World Wars and came back to an ungrateful country.  But they never lost their love for America and persisted on hoping for the day when they would have a similar life style as the whites and others .

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Dershowitz’s Buddy: The Phony Defense

(1) big pigThe ubiquitous Harvey Silverglate rises to the defense of Alan Dershowitz in reply to an article in the Harvard Law Record that takes Dershowitz to task for calling Virgina Roberts a prostitute after he is alleged to have  been one of her Johns. (Hat tip to Eyre)

Dershowitz calling that young girl such reminds me of the mentality of a guy who was dating this women for a year or so and was the first person who got to know her in the Biblical sense. She was deeply in love with him. He told her one day when they discussed their future that she wasn’t in the picture because he would never marry a woman who wasn’t a virgin.

The phenomenon of one accused of doing a dastardly act turning it on the accuser as if it were her problem is not new to Dershowitz. His alleged use of a young woman on six occasions for sexual favors followed by his vile attacks on her was rightly condemned by two Harvard law students. Responding to their well thought our condemnation came the hectic and frantic response of one of Dershowitz’s bosom buddies from way back,

Unfortunately Silverglate leaves out his close association with Dershowitz in writing the letter. From the way it reads it looks like he’s offering an impartial rebuttal to the article. I would suggest that one so closely associated with another as Silverglate is to Dershowitz should not hide that association. Silverglate should not write as if he doesn’t have a dog in the fight.

He writes as if he does not knows that Dershowitz is now being sued for libel by attorneys so he has a forum into which he can defend himself. Dershowitz has been given the opportunity to submit to a deposition and bring forth his proofs but he won’t do that until he is able to depose the other side to see what evidence it has. Silverglate doesn’t mention that.

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Kerry’s Duplicity:

kerry and jaradIn the book Red Notice by Bill Browder he tells how his lawyer and friend from Moscow, Sergei Magnitsky, who he called the most courageous man he ever knew was arrested by Putin’s henchmen and put into prison without charges. He was taken from his home in front of his son and wife and he would never get to see them again. He was moved from prison to prison with his treatment becoming ever harsher. He was told that he could gain his freedom and go back to his family if he would only tell the authorities what they wanted to hear which were a bunch of lies. He refused. He wanted to expose the corrupt system.  Putin’s thugs eventually beat him to death at a hospital and said he died of heart failure.

As an aside I think of the story of Magnitsky an ordinarily law-abiding bloke who was a lawyer in his mid-thirties bearing up under the ongoing and ever-increasing harsh treatment by the Russian gangster officials. I compare him those supposed tough guys, Steve Flemmi, John Martorano, Kevin Weeks, Frank Salemme, and others who provided prosecutors lie after lie to escape from benign prison conditions. Weeks the worst of the bunch was incarcerated two weeks before spilling his guts out to get free. All our cowards belonged in prison since they led lives of crime but they couldn’t take it; Magnitsky who committed no crime could take all they dished out and still held on to his honor.

After his death, Browder helped out Magnitsky family but also felt an intense need to bring something good from it. He with the help of Senator Ben Cardin and Congressman Jim McGovern and others brought about the passage of the Magnitsky Act which listed those persons involved in his torture and murder and barred them from entering the United States.

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Putin’s Hit List:

PutinIronically the grandson of one of Joe Stalin’s favorite Americans is at the top of Vladimir Putin’s hit list now that Nemstov has been taken off of it.

Grandfather Earl Browder was buddy-buddy with Joe Stalin. He lived in Russia for a while, married a Russian woman, traveled back and forth to Russia to get his marching orders, and returned home to become the head of the American Communist party. He even ran for president as a communist and received 80,000 votes.

He easily overlooked the terrors Stalin inflicted on his people under CHEKA such as orders that issued when Stalin decided to eliminate the kulaks (small farmers):  “your loyalty to the Party and to Comrade Stalin will be tested and measured by your work in the villages. There is no room for weakness. This is no job for the squeamish. You’ll need strong stomachs and an iron will. The Party will accept no excuses for failure.” (The War of the World  p.200) This resulted in the greatest man-made famine in history. Grandfather Browder considered FDR a fascist dictator in the making.

His grandchild, Bill Browder got into Stanford Business School after working for Mitt Romney’s Bain Company in Boston in part because of his connection to his grandpa. After working in London a while he came up with the idea of investing in Russia which had thrown over the communists and other parts of the emerging markets in the world.

Bill felt a yearning in part because of his family experience for Russia because he could see great opportunity there for someone who knew the investment business. He convinced some of the big money guys to back his venture; made some deals; and made enormous profit for his investors and himself.  Things went well for Bill until one day he discovered one of the oligarchs planned to cause him a big loss by changing the rules of his company relative to stock.

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Putin did it?

(2) Ming LingBoris Nemtsov was gunned down on the eve of a rally in opposition to the rule of Vladimir Putin on a bridge Vasilyevsky Spusk leading to Red Square within sight of the Kremlin walls. Four bullets in the back from a thug who emerged from a tunnel and fled in a white car ended the life of another opponent of Putin. Prior to Nemtsov’s assassination the victims were members of the media which quickly brought the others in the media under control. Nemtsov was a member of the government who thought he was immune from such terror. Now everyone in Russia knows that no one gets a pass.

The warning that Putin will brook no opposition was sent loud and clear to those who might disagree with him reminiscent of the days of Vladimir Lenin. Putin’s namesake asked” “How can you make a revolution without firing squads?” So Putin believes like the Bolsheviks of old you win through terror in the form of assassinations. Is it a coincidence that both men were named after the infamous Vlad the Impaler a member of the House of Dracula?

When the crime was publicly reported, like Casablanca’s Captain Louis Renault discovering gambling happening at Rick’s Café Américain, Vlad Putin was shocked. Also like Captain Renault after discovering the murder of Major Heinrich Strasser he ordered his security forces to round up the usual suspects. He added a Flemmi-like touch to this by sending a note to Boris’s 86-year-old mother expressing his dismay at the death. (Flemmi after murdering Debbie Davis went over her mother’s house and cried about her disappearance.)

The security forces have fanned out looking for the culprits. Some suggest rather than spending much time looking for them they might shotcut their endeavors by looking into the mirror when Putin is shaving. Anyone aware of Russian history knows whose hand is behind this; everyone knows that politics in Russia is a deadly game. What makes it especially so is the brazen way in which it is practiced. There were other ways to get rid of Nemtsov but doing it so blatantly sends a message to those who might think like him.

The Russian folk leading the investigation have put out several theories on who may have done it.  The opposition party itself. Gorbachev suggested it was a scheme to provoke political trouble in Russia.  That, of course, is nonsense. I know of no cases where an opposition party killed one of its leaders to discredit its opponents. It just isn’t done. But that won’t stop Russia from throwing the blame on the supporters of the victim.

Another theory is that because Nemtsov was a Jew and he supported Charlie Hebdo he was murdered by another usual suspect, radical Islamists. I read on the American mouthpiece of the Kremlin the RT news that the Moscow cops had found the car involved in the murder and it had a plate issued by a Muslim government, a silver-colored VAZ-21102 with North Ossetia number plates.

Nemtsov, 56, was with his girlfriend of four years, 23-year old Ukrainian woman who calls herself a model and actress but had no known acting jobs. The security service has suggested that perhaps she was forced to have an abortion by Nemtsov and was getting her revenge on  him.

There’s always the Ukrainian connection. That would be that the Ukrainian government murdered Nemtsov who was criticizing Putin for using Russian troops in Ukraine to embarrass Putin (how can you embarrass him?). That would fit nicely into the present Russian demonizing of everything Ukrainian.

In Putin’s favor he really had nothing to fear from Nemtsov. Taking him off the scene is of little moment. Most Russians paid little attention to him. The relatively meager turnout Sunday to protest his murder by some people afraid to give their names shows the whole event will be forgotten by most in a fortnight except those who might entertain wrongful thoughts about Putin.

Anyone familiar with Russian history will know that its leadership always likes to fire a shot across the bow of the opposition. I’d suggest that is what was done. The voices of the opposition will be lowered to a whisper. It is that the murder was so unnecessary that gives it its greatest impact. Russians will think if Nemtsov can be so easily eliminated what’s to prevent my elimination.

My guess is that they will find some Moslems. They will be murdered in a gun battle. Case closed.

Or, better yet, it will remain open and unsolved. They just haven’t decided what is the most chilling outcome.


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Kerry’s Folly: Obama’s Confusion

2015 01 02_1102It didn’t make much news the other day. It wasn’t on the front pages of the newspapers. It seems some extremists invaded some Christian towns in Syria and took a group of about 100 Christians into their custody. These extremists about ten days before seizing these Christians put on a show in Libya by beheading Christians on a beach. This extremist group will probably force the Christians to convert to their Extremism, sell the women and children, and behead or burn those who won’t convert.

One thing you can’t call these extremists is by the religion they profess is guiding them. Which seems strange since when they capture people as they did with the guy from New Hampshire James Foley they seem to give the guy a break, at least for a while before they cut off his head, if he converted, or pretended to convert, to their religion which we must not identify.

You see last week in Washington, D.C., because of the horror being perpetrated by these extremists a meeting of 60 nations took place to figure out what to do about them. There was no other extremist group that all these nations were worried about. It was only this one group. But it was agreed that no one from America would mention that this group was connected with a certain religion even though anyone who can read the name that the group calls itself would quickly be able to figure it out.

The rationale is that because others in this religion don’t agree or approve of what it is doing then we will pretend that they are not a part of that religion even though they say they are and they murder people who aren’t members of it just because of that fact.

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Hernandez Judge Garsh’s Confusion

justice weepsI while ago I wrote about the mistake Judge Susan Garsh made in keeping out the most important evidence in the Hernandez case which was the text messages from Odin Llyod to his sister Shaquilla that arrived within minutes of his murder. His text said that he was with “NFL.” That was their name for Aaron Hernandez who he was with along with two other gangster-type friends of Hernandez.

It is difficult to get the full feel of a case if you are not in the courtroom. But from the little I can gather it seems the defense if trying to raise doubt in the minds of the jurors about Hernandez’s whereabouts at the time of the murder. They have questioned the handling of the evidence at the scene of the crime and other matters that point to Hernandez’s presence there. Unless they are asking questions just for the hell of it then one has to assume that there is a purpose behind their cross-examination which is to suggest to the jury there is no showing Hernandez was at the place Llyod was murdered.

If they are pursuing that tactic it will be a shame. It is clear to most who have followed the case is that Hernandez was present with Llyod at the time he was murdered. That is because we have all read about the content of the text Shaquilla’s brother wrote to her moments before his murder. Because the judge won’t let Llyod’s sister testify to the contents of the text the jury will not be privy to that information. It will have to decide the case like the blind man who is asked to describe an elephant after touching its tail.

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Is Whitey Right? Justice Federal Style

whitey with gunThe Boston media and some federal judges flew into tantrums when it learned that Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi were FBI informants. These guys were two major criminals and no one could understand how the FBI would be in bed with them. What they didn’t know was the FBI had a secret program called the Top Echelon Informant (TEI) program where they gave protection to the TEIs in exchange for them giving them information against other criminals.

It would actually turn out that the TEI program which was aimed at the Mafia may have been a big success. The Mafia is a shell of itself compared to what it was at the time the TEI program was started back int 1962. But its difficult to credit all the demise of the Mafia solely on the TEI program since law enforcement was given oodles of other tools including the RICO law to end the Mafia’s influence and rule.

The TEI program is an example of the end justifying the means; since it is obvious that the means: protecting some criminals who continued to commit crimes while going after others is not really the way things should be done. As many who sit behind media desks and pose as experts in criminal matters never having tried a criminal case or even investigated one would point out, you were letting the TEIs victimize some people in exchange for grabbing other criminals. The basic question was what right do you have to pick one vicious criminal over another; isn’t your job to protect everyone from them?

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Allan Dershowitz: The Big Question

(1) big pigThe lyrics of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers’ song “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” have come to mind when I consider the Dershowitz Affair. I find myself humming: “Tell me why, why, why, why, oh why, why is Virginia Roberts lying.” 

Dershowitz on his Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey type circuit of America protesting his innocence and proclaiming that Virginia Roberts is lying has resulted in the following comments from people. “The man dost protest too much.”  Another person wondered “Why the big publicity campaign.”  A third asked “what’s with this line up of attorneys and people who have sprung up to defend him if he’s so innocent?”  

We do know though that Alan wasn’t particularly choosy in who he associated with as we see from his long-term association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. (The logs from Epstein’s plane show Dershowitz on a flight with Epstein from Bedford, Mass., to Teterboro in October 1998, and a flight from Teterboro to Martha’s Vineyard in 1999. In a 2003 article he told Vanity Fair:  “I’m on my 20th book…. The only person outside of my immediate family that I send drafts to is Jeffrey.”) That brings to mind the old saying “birds of a feather flock together” along with an offtake of that: “You can tell a man by the company he keeps.”

The thing I can’t figure out is why out of all the men this young woman Virginia Roberts serviced beginning at age 15 she put the finger on two of them that I know about. One, Prince Andrew, who even with the support of all the queen’s horses and all the queen’s men won’t be able to put Randy Andy together again. He seems to be pretty cooked with Virginia’s diary about him along with pictures showing him with his arm around her naked waist.

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Alan Dershowitz: Epstein And Friends Laugh At Charges

(1) big pigDon’t look for any repentance on behalf of Alan Dershowitz’s friend and client billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. He was sentenced to 18 months in a jail, not a prison, for his illegal sexual activity with young women. Here’s what the NY Post reported about him:

“Epstein served 13 months of an 18-month sentence for soliciting a minor for prostitution. In court papers, the victim was identified as a 14-year-old girl. At one point, Epstein was facing 10 years to life on multiple counts of statutory rape, according to investigators. Court documents in that case claimed he routinely sought out girls as young as 14 and paid them $200 to $1,000 for sexual massages in his homes in Palm Beach, Fla., and Manhattan. He also molested girls he had brought in from South America and Europe and once was given three 12-year-old girls from France as a “birthday gift,” the documents alleged. Epstein struck a secret nonprosecution deal with the feds. The government agreed to drop its probe of various sex-crime allegations if Epstein copped to prostitution felonies in Florida state court.”

The article went on to note that a month after a New York judge ruled that he is the most dangerous kind of sex offender: a Level 3, which means, according to the state, Epstein is at “high risk” to repeat his offense and poses “a threat to public safety” he spoke to the newspaper.

He was asked about it. He thought it was all a big joke and made the wisecrack: “I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender,’ It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.” 

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