Florida Justice: The Lengthy Imprisonment of Innocent People

At this point in time, a man who has been wrongfully convicted lingers in a Florida prison. To be frank, no one seems to care. That’s Florida justice for you. It may be the Sunshine State but there’s little sunshine for those caught up in its criminal system.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a cheerleader for this person. Some want to light candles to him, not me. To be truthful I have mixed feelings toward him none of which are complementary.

It’s a relatively easy story to understand how he ended up in his nether world of being still locked up. He was an FBI agent who worked in the FBI’s Top Echelon Informant (TEI) program. His job was to find criminals highly connected with top gangsters and wine and dine them so that they would give him information the FBI could use against the big bad guys.

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I Remember Vietnam:

Siesta Key February 20, 2014 056In 1962 I left Okinawa on a Marine airplane that was carrying a crash truck, the kind that is used at air bases to put out airplane fires. On the plane with me were about a dozen Marines who were dressed for jungle combat. They carried the weapons necessary to defend themselves. In conversation with them I learned that they were going to someplace in Vietnam where the U.S. Marines had set up an air strip. The name of the place was not familiar to me. It is long gone from my memory. The plane landed in the Philippines to refuel. I wished them luck and disembarked. I was not dressed for combat although I was wearing a Marine uniform.

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How I Decide To Vote: Would I Like To Have A Couple of Beers With the Person: Part Two

2010-10-18 11.17.42If I am using that beer test to decide who to vote for does the introduction of female candidates into the equation change things? Let us take a look back to how it was in the early Twentieth Century prior to the time women could vote or hold office. Here’s a little insight into that from Felix Frankfurter.

When he moved to Washington,DC for the first time he was a bachelor. He ended up living in what was called The House of Truth with a bunch of other guys who were also bachelors. He said it got that name because it was “where truth was sought, and everybody knew it couldn’t be found, but even trying to seek the truth conscientiously is a rare occupation in the world. The dominant quality of the house was that you were unafraid to talk about anything.” (Perhaps that remained subconsciously in my mind when I first read it which occasioned this blog to be named Trekking Toward The Truth. We may not find the truth but we’ll certainly expose the many untruths.)

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How I Decide To Vote: Would I Like To Have A Couple of Beers With the Person: Part One

2010-10-18 10.21.44I’m a registered Democrat. I started out that way. I could never change. To do so would be akin to changing my religion. That doesn’t mean I vote as a Democrat all the time. When it comes time to vote I’m a mugwump. When I read Felix Frankfurter Reminisces I was happy to read that he too described himself as that. By the way if you are interested in American history especially from the viewpoint of a brilliant lawyer then that book gives a candid insight into some of the major players of the first half of the 20th Century.

In looking back over the years I’ve voted the person more so than the platform. In trying to determine what standard I’ve used for the most part I’d have to say it came down to deciding when all other things are close to equal it who is the candidate I’d like to have a couple of beers with. I suppose that’s why so many clever rogues get elected. You feel if you went out to a bar with them you’d have an enjoyable evening.

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Lost in Time; The Donbass Region of Ukraine:

(2) Donbass MinersThe photograph to the left is of miners who work in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine, the part of that country that is suffering most from the Russian invasion. That photograph is included in a group of photographs taken by a young woman, Valeriya Myronenko.

Business Insider has the rest of them and the story behind them. It starts: “If you told Ukrainian photographer Valeriya Myronenko  six months ago that Donbass, the region in eastern Ukraine where she grew up, would erupt in a war, she wouldn’t believe you. Now, with conflict raging between Ukraine and multiple separatist movements, it has become apparent that the unthinkable has come true for Myronenko.

Myronenko, who now lives in Toronto, stayed with her family in Donbass for four months this past spring and summer and witnessed the region deteriorating firsthand, she tells Business Insider.”

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Judging Lies in the Whitey Bulger Saga: Part Two of Two.

IMG_1922Weeks told us criminals lie. Flemmi’s a major criminal so he’s a major liar. He was good at it. He lied to women very close to him and lured them to their deaths.

Judge Wolf tried to decide when Flemmi was lying and when he wasn’t. It came down to nothing more than guess work if he had no other facts to buttress his findings. To keep the system running, we pretend judges have some sort of crystal ball that gives them the answers.

Take Whitey another criminal. How do we know when he’s lying? We must look at other facts. He said he had nothing to do with murdering Deborah “Debby” Hussey. His man Friday Kevin Weeks and his partner Flemmi said he did. Three men who are liars telling a tale. How do I decide where the truth lies?

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Judging Lies in the Whitey Bulger Saga: Part One of Two.

IMG_1918How do you tell if a person is lying?  If you met a stranger and engaged in a conversation with her could you tell whether she was lying or not? Have you ever believed what you were told and then found out it was a lie? When you hear a politician making assertions do you know if she really believes what she is saying? Do we have any fool proof system that tells us when a person is lying or not?

In putting together my thoughts on the Whitey saga, I have to decide how I am to go about deciding where I believe the truth lies. There are more lies in the saga than pre-ordered iPhone 6s. All criminals lie. It is second nature to them. They don’t even know they are lying. Take John Martorano, he tells us he is a good man and thinks we believe him. The foundation of this saga is built on lies. Most of what we know comes from the mouths of criminals.

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Solution For Patriot Tedium: How to Enliven NFL Games and Other Thoughts

beyonce-style-transformation-620km020113-1363298126It’s pretty bad when you watch a Patriot’s game now and the most exciting part of it is seeing Bob Kraft and his son Jonathan in the owner’s box with some Hollywood personality. Who was it yesterday? Bon Jovi, Johnny Depp, Phil Silvers? No, it was Mark Wahlberg making an appearance. Wahlberg a former Dorchester tough turned good guy was a clever first start after the Ray Rice slugging scandal. He’s done a lot of good works with charities involving women and has kept his street combat to those of his own sex. So now the NFL and Kraft have to take it one step further.

Roger Goodall has been telling the owners to start showing their “be kind to women side.” I expect then that we will start seeing some of the female sex gracing the owner’s box. I’m looking forward to the next home game to see who might come and sit next to Bob. I’d like to see someone like Beyoncé or Rihanna. Wouldn’t that be as exciting as seeing the game the way it is now played.

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Why The Silence and Turning Away from Our Fellow Christians Who We Endangered?

America is a Christian nation. We number about 80% of the population. Yet you would never know it.

An article today in the Washington Post is titled:  Christianity in Iraq is Finished. Before we invaded Iraq there were more than a million Christians living peacefully in that country. Now the number is down to at best 200,000. Once we unleashed our dogs of war in part to save the people of Iraq from the horrors inflicted on them by Dictator Saddam Hussein, as President  George W. Bush told us, we cracked the shell of a civil society and loosed the tethers restraining evil and the bigoted brutes became emboldened and slaughtered those who held different beliefs.

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CNN’s Whitey Presentation: 3 Stars for some, 2 for others

CNN’s presentation of “Whitey – United States v. James J. Bulger” ran for two hours last night. For those who know nothing or a little bit about Whitey it gave them a decent glimpse into his life; for those who have been following the saga closely it offered a few tidbits that made the ordeal of sitting through the commercials somewhat bearable.

I was put off by the way it presented the Department of Justice (DOJ). The thrust was that there is something deeply wrong in it. The proofs offered were the actions of the FBI agents and not that of the DOJ attorneys. I know the FBI is part of the DOJ. But it operates independently in investigating matters and dealing with informants. What it did with respect to Whitey the DOJ had little knowledge about. The show blurred that distinction.

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